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Brochures & Fact Sheets

CSIRO produces fact sheets and brochures on a broad range of topics to disseminate information about its science and other activities.

Priority threat management for Pilbara species of conservation significance

The Pilbara bioregion of Western Australia has exceptional biodiversity values; unfortunately many of these are under increasing pressure from threats such as invasive species and habitat destruction. This report provides critical information to assist in implementing a region-wide conservation strategy to protect 53 of the Pilbara’s most threatened species (‘conservation significant’ species) to conserve the diverse plants and animals of this unique and ancient region.

Darwin 2013 Achievements Report

This 60 page report is a summary of research and communication achievements by tropical savanna researchers at CSIRO in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Enabling Australia's Digital Future: Cyber Security Threats and Implications

We've released a report exploring cyber threats of the future for the energy, health and government sectors.

Conservation Wisdom for Conservation Leaders

Report of the Terrain NRM Workshop to support knowledge exchange for Terrain’s Habitat Incentives Project, Innisfail, 25th March 2013

A system of systems for disaster management

Building a system of systems for disaster management.

Report: A world without wires

Our visionary report discusses the threat of "peak data" and what that could mean for the way we connect and access essential services in the future.

A digitally-enabled health system

What will our healthcare system look like, once the full potential of the digital era is harnessed?

Indigenous peoples socio economic values and river flows in the Mitchell River delta Cape York

This report presents the results of a two year study of Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows at Kowanyama on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

Guidelines for the development of extensive cattle stations in northern Australia: Insights from the Pigeon Hole Project

This 38 page booklet captures the key outcomes from the Pigeon Hole Project, which explored opportunities to improve the profitability of northern Australian cattle stations through intensification.

CAF Working Paper 13: The implications of climate change for biodiversity conservation and the National Reserve System

In 2012 CSIRO produced a landmark Australia-wide assessment of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity, and the implications for conservation and the National Reserve System. Working Paper 13 consists of eight technical reports that contributed to the national assessment.

Marine Biosecurity Workshop 2013

This report is a summary of a marine biosecurity workshop held to explore the risks posed to Australia’s ocean and coastal resources from invasive marine pests and diseases.

Food Futures Brochure

CSIRO's Food Futures Flagship is developing high-value, differentiated products to deliver higher quality, healthier and safer foods and feeds. We work across the food supply chain linking our science with farmers, governments, the food industry and consumers. Our research improves food security and sustainability for farmers, manufacturers and consumers, in Australia and around the world. (4 pages)

CAF Working Paper 15: Power struggle: Challenges for changing electricity delivery in South East Queensland

This working paper outlines the adaptation challenges facing centralised electricity supply in Australia, with special focus on South East Queensland. A preliminary framework for effective adaptation is offered in response to these challenges.

Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply – Book

This new book provides insights and a detailed analysis on the adoption of rainwater tanks systems as part of an integrated approach to manage urban water systems.

Ngadju kala: Ngadju fire knowledge and contemporary fire management in the Great Western Woodlands

This report documents Ngadju knowledge about fire in Ngadju country and the aspirations of Ngadju for fire management on their country.

Bimodal Medical Imaging Agents and a Potential Theranostic Platform

The RAMP centre was utilised for the high-throughput development of advanced healthcare materials, nanoparticles used for bimodal medical imaging.

Bimodal Medical Imaging Agents and a Potential Theranostic Platform

A new method was developed at RAMP for the high-throughput preparation and screening of porous silica nanoparticles used for medical imaging.

High-Throughput Development of Amphiphile Self-Assembly Materials

The RAMP centre has been utilised extensively since 2010 for the high-throughput development of self-assembled materials.

Navigating sustainability: measurement, evaluation and action

CSIRO have responded to the need to navigate sustainability for the world now and into the future.

Framework and institutional analysis: Indigenous co-management and biodiversity protection in the Wet Tropics

The report provides an Indigenous-driven framework with a view of all the parts that make up co-management. The framework is being used to evaluate the status and trends of Indigenous co-management in the wet tropics.

Engaging Indigenous Communities in World Heritage declarations: processes and practice

Chapter 21 of the Australian Committee for IUCN book 'Keeping the Outstanding Exceptional: the Future of World Heritage in Australia'.

Bringing the community into World Heritage through biocultural diversity—issues and policy implications

Biocultural diversity depends on traditional and local peoples’ management systems.

The science behind RAFT

This presentation clearly explains how CSIRO's innovative RAFT Technology results in better polymers. (11 pages)

Flagship Fellowship application form

Applications for Flagship Visiting Fellowships must be submitted online using this form. (9 pages)

CSIRO and RAFT: an overview

This presentation describes the relationship between CSIRO and the breakthrough RAFT Technology. (11 pages)

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