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Technical Services

CSIRO's diverse research capabilities provide a number of state-of-the-art testing facilities that are available for contract research and specialised testing services. We invite you to review our testing, analytical and accreditation services as listed below.

Dielectric services and facilities

CSIRO's Petrophysics Laboratory offers a range of dielectric measurement options in a broad frequency range for solid and drill cutting samples.

Testing and analytical services: CSIRO Land and Water

CSIRO Land and Water can provide state-of-the-art testing and analytical services and facilities on a fee for service basis.

Facade engineering

The CSIRO Facade engineering and weather performance of buildings group specialises in evaluating and certifying the various elements associated with the building envelope.

Particle Analysis Service Lab

From routine analyses for the food industry to the most complex processes used in mining, CSIRO’s Particle Analysis Service (PAS) provides clients with accurate and rapid materials characterisation.


CSIRO provides a range of acoustic research, measurement and consulting services to help improve the acoustic environments in buildings.

Strontium as a chemical tracer

CSIRO Petroleum utilizes strontium as a chemical tracer to discriminate between plant and animal products grown in different locations.

Designer charcoal for steelmaking

Novel technologies to make designer charcoal could set the steel industry on a new, low emissions path.

CABALA: a model for predicting forest growth

CABALA is used to estimate the tree growth and carbon sequestration in plantations and managed forests.

Improving control of mine gas

CSIRO has developed techniques to control the methane gas emitted during coal mining, helping to prevent spontaneous combustion and increase the safety and productivity of mines.

Australian National Algae Culture Collection

This unique bank of Australian biodiversity contains marine and freshwater microalgal classes sourced from tropical Australia to Antarctica.

Fluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals (FAMMâ„¢) for thermal maturity evaluation of source rocks

CSIRO offers improved analysis of the thermal maturity of petroleum source rocks, that enable petroleum explorationists to identify previously unrecognised prospective areas. The technique, termed FAMM™ analysis, employs laser fluorescence microprobe technologies.

Ecosystem function analysis

Ecosystem function analysis is a fast and rigorous method for monitoring landscapes.

FRR Culture Collection

The current holdings of the FRR Culture Collection consists of fungal strains of importance in the food and related industries. There are approximately 250 yeasts and 4000 filamentous fungi, not all of which are listed in this catalogue.

Biomolecular Interaction Facility

CSIRO’s Biomolecular Interaction Facility specialises in the application of sensor platform technology to resolve the binding specificity, kinetic parameters and affinity associated with molecular interactions.

Improving bacterial fermentation reactions

We help Australian industries improve their fermentation reactions and assist with scale-up in both the bacterial and mammalian cell culture systems on a fee-for-services basis.

Fire safety

CSIRO carries out testing certification and standardisation in the areas of reaction to fire and fire resistance. We also provide independent and objective fire safety engineering expertise and evaluation.

Victorian Direct Manufacturing Centre

Helping Victorian manufacturing to become more sustainable and globally competitive.

High Pressure High Temperature Triaxial Cell

CSIRO has recently acquired a new high pressure and high temperature triaxial cell to better understand the physical properties of rocks.

Energy efficient electrical connections

We offer consulting and training services for maximising the efficiency of high current electrical connections used in primary metal production industries.


These techniques allow us to understand hydrocarbon migration and accumulation. They detect current and palaeo-oil zones by measuring the fluorescence from hydrocarbons sealed in fluid inclusions and at the surface of siliciclastic rocks.

CSIRO Land and Water: Facilities and Equipment

CSIRO Land and Water employs and develops state-of-the art facilities and equipment to conduct its research.

Argon dating meets exploration challenges

Successful exploration relies on knowledge of basin formation and thermal history of sedimentary rock and hydrocarbon migration. CSIRO’s argon dating services can help petroleum companies better determine potential locations for drilling petroleum wells.

FastTrack to streamlined agreements

Streamlined contractual agreements make it easier to do business with CSIRO – and feedback from customers and researchers has confirmed the benefits of this simplified, rapid turn-around approach. Streamlined contractual agreements make it easier to do business with CSIRO – and feedback from customers and researchers has confirmed the benefits of this simplified, rapid turn-around approach.

Airborne lidar data processing services

The CSIRO Vegetation Sensing and Information team provides a range of services to assist in the analysis of airborne lidar datasets.

Conductivity and impedance measurements

CSIRO offers expertise and equipment for measuring conductivity and impedance of new materials.

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