Image of Dr Y Jay Guo

Dr Y Jay Guo, Research Director, CSIRO Wireless Technologies Laboratory which developed the Six Gigabit wireless link.

Gigabit wireless breakthrough

In this three-minute podcast, Dr Jay Guo from CSIRO's ICT Centre discusses a new wireless six gigabit connection, which uses millimetre waves technology. (3:03)

  • 13 December 2006 | Updated 25 November 2011
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CSIRO has achieved a world-first in wireless communications, by demonstrating a high-efficiency six gigabit per second point-to-point connection.

This technology could be used to set up point to point links between two base stations, particularly where conventional links such as wire or fibre optic are too expensive or impractical.

A six gigabit wireless link can transfer of the contents of a DVD in less than ten seconds.

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