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CSIRO’s goal is to understand what causes neurodegenerative diseases and develop strategies for their prevention, enabling older Australians to enjoy active and independent lives.

Aspirin: a health answer for the elderly?

A new trial to determine if Aspirin is effective in delaying the onset of a range of chronic disorders in otherwise healthy ageing volunteers is being conducted jointly in Australia and the US. (5:55)

  • 3 May 2010

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The trial will recruit 12 500 Australian and a further 6500 US healthy participants aged 70 yrs and over, collecting detailed epidemiological and clinical information with particular focus on cardiovascular, cognitive and colonic health.

Volunteers will be randomly assigned to low dose aspirin or placebo treatment groups and their health followed over a period of at least five years.

Know as the ‘ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly’ study or ASPREE, the trial is led by Monash University and involves a number of collaborating institutes in Australia and the United States.

In this podcast Dr Trevor Lockett from CSIRO’s Preventative Health Flagship explains how the double-blind placebo controlled primary prevention trial will examine whether routine use of low dose aspirin will delay the onset of disorders such as cancers, vascular disease, and dementia.

Read more in the ASPREE Healthy Ageing Biobank information sheet.