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CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club

Be catapulted into a world of scientific wonder, where the activities, stories, competitions and events are in abundance, where the possibilities are endless, where ideas are always nurtured and where experimentation runs wild!

  • 24 June 2011 | Updated 23 April 2014

Love science? Join the club!

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Up and coming science fans who join the Double Helix Science Club can:

  • be part of a national club that presents science and technology to children seven years and older in a fun and tangible way;
  • participate in after-school and weekend science events and school holiday programs in your capital city along with various regional centres across Australia – all at discounted rates, and
  • be in the running for great prizes and awards, through creative and crazy competitions for members!

The club’s two awesome science magazines, The Helix (ages 10+) and Scientriffic (ages 7+) have fed members’ scientific brains for many years – but they are are just a small part of a vortex of science excitement.

Teachers: find out how the Double Helix Science Club can support your school's science program by visiting Double Helix Science Club for schools.

To make enquiries about regional events for members of CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club visit our Double Helix Science Club regional contacts page.