Partnering With The Preventative Health Flagship

The Preventative Health Flagship has many collaborations with researchers, business and government. Partnerships and collaborations are vital to tackling Australia's health challenges.

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Mapping the mind: MRI used in fight against Alzheimer’s

Sophisticated bio-imaging techniques being developed by CSIRO may spot abnormalities in the brain function of people with early Alzheimer's disease well before symptoms appear. (6:20)

United against a killer: taking a strike at stroke

A new CSIRO collaboration research ‘cluster’ is poised to save countless lives by determining early indicators of stroke using biomarkers and the latest brain imaging technology. (7:03)

Aspirin: a health answer for the elderly?

A new trial to determine if Aspirin is effective in delaying the onset of a range of chronic disorders in otherwise healthy ageing volunteers is being conducted jointly in Australia and the US. (5:55)

Banking on biomarkers to predict disease

Researchers are building a biobank of blood samples in an effort to predict the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer in ageing Australians. (5:16)

When forgetfulness becomes a disease

With life expectancies increasing around the world, populations are ageing and neurodegenerative diseases have become a global issue. (5:22)

Keeping your colon healthy

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon or bowel cancer, is the second most common type of internal cancer in Australians, with over 12 500 cases diagnosed every year. (5:56)

Dietary fibre research taking a new turn

Senior CSIRO nutritionist, Dr David Topping explains how the type of fibre we eat can improve our health. (5:36)

Major Alzheimer’s study launched

In this nine-minute podcast, Professor David Ames from the University of Melbourne discusses a major study into Alzheimer’s disease. (8:02)

Preventative Health Flagship

The goals and research of the Preventative Health Flagship and how the Preventative Health Flagship is developing preventative strategies to help fight chronic disease are introduced in this video. (6:00)
Watch a video outlining how the Preventative Health Flagship is improving the health and well-being of Australians.

Partnership Highlights

World leading researchers collaborate for Alzheimer's study

CSIRO has brought together world experts in a major study to investigate Alzheimer’s disease.

Biomarkers to nip bowel cancer in the bud

Finding biomarkers for earliest-stage colorectal cancer will help to lower mortality rates in individuals at risk of developing this disease.

Early cancer screening saves lives

Together with collaborators, the Flagship aims to better understand peoples’ risk perception and intention to undertake screening for bowel cancer

Cohort study of stroke

Substantially reducing the millions of cases of stroke recorded worldwide every year is the focus of this collaborative CSIRO research cluster.


Flagship Collaboration Fund

More than A$130M has been committed to support collaborative activities with the CSIRO National Research Flagships Program.

Food, Health and Life Science Industries

Food Health and Life Sciences Group: delivering scientific excellence in biological and food sciences across the agricultural value chain in support of food security, health and biosecurity.

Flagship clusters

The National Research Flagships Program is one of the largest scientific initiatives ever mounted in Australia. Clusters, which are the main element of the Flagship Collaboration Fund offer opportunities for collaborations in areas of national importance.

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