A map of the trend in total rainfall in Australia from 1950 to 2007 (mm/10 years).

A map of the trend in total rainfall in Australia from 1950 to 2007 (mm/10 years).

The Climate Adaptation Flagship working paper series

An occasional series of technical papers sharing CSIRO's current 'work-in-progress' on the science of adapting to climate change.

  • 4 August 2011 | Updated 14 February 2014

The Climate Adaptation Flagship (CAF) working paper series has been created to:

  • provide a quick and simple avenue to spread high-quality original research, based on work in progress
  • generate discussion by distributing work for comment prior to more formal publication.

The series is open to CSIRO researchers and visiting scientists, on any topic relevant to the goals and scope of CAF.

CAF working papers represent 'work-in-progress' and as such they are subject to internal review within CSIRO, but are not externally refereed. They are only available in electronic document format.

Prior to submitting a working paper, please read the Climate Adaptation Flagship working paper submission requirements.

Series index

CAF Working Paper 17: Priority threat management of invasive plant species in the Lake Eyre Basin

This working paper outlines a cost-effectiveness analysis approach to prioritising weed management strategies for maximising biodiversity outcomes per unit cost across the Lake Eyre Basin, Australia.

CAF Working Paper 16: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: From Conceptual Frameworks to Practical Heuristics

This working paper examines climate change vulnerability assessment practice to assist in enhancing the utility of such assessments for social learning and the facilitation of adaptation planning

CAF Working Paper 15: Power struggle: Challenges for changing electricity delivery in South East Queensland

This working paper outlines the adaptation challenges facing centralised electricity supply in Australia, with special focus on South East Queensland. A preliminary framework for effective adaptation is offered in response to these challenges.

CAF working paper 14 - A social science framework to guide multi-scale research for climate change adaptation strategies in agricultural communities

This working paper outlines the objectives, underpinning concepts and broad approach to guide research into the ability of rice farming households to adapt to climate variability and change in Cambodia, Laos, India and Bangladesh.

CAF Working Paper 13: The implications of climate change for biodiversity conservation and the National Reserve System

In 2012 CSIRO produced a landmark Australia-wide assessment of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity, and the implications for conservation and the National Reserve System. Working Paper 13 consists of eight technical reports that contributed to the national assessment.

CAF Working Paper 12: Queensland's biodiversity under climate change

Working Paper 12 consists of seven parts, providing insights into climate change impacts and adaptation options for terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, coastal and marine biodiversity, and the ecosystem services they provide in Queensland.

CAF Working Paper 11: The Impact of Climate Change on the Climatology of Tropical Cyclones in the Australian Region

This 26 page report presents results from CSIRO’s Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM). An analysis of outputs from CCAM shows that the model is able to simulate the spatial characteristics of tropical cyclone (TC) occurrence in the Australian region.

CAF Working Paper 10: Heat stress in dairy cattle in northern Victoria: responses to a changing climate

This 72 page report details research in the Murray Dairy region designed to give us a better understanding of how cows respond to heat stress and how the changing nature of heat stress will affect cattle and their milk production.

CAF Working Paper 9: An investigation of extreme heatwave events and their effects on building and infrastructure

This 122 page report presents results of an initial study of extreme heatwave events in order to understand when ‘hot temperatures’ are likely to impact on building and infrastructure performance.

CAF Working paper 8: Understanding climate change adaptation as a national challenge

This report provides a cross-sectoral perspective on the key challenges relevant to climate change adaptation in Australia in a holistic and multi-thematic/sectoral manner.

CAF Working Paper 7: Typologies in vulnerability assessments and adaptation science

In this Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper, the authors have studied the use of typologies in the field of climate vulnerability assessments and adaptation sciences. (30 pages)

CAF Working Paper 6: Coastal inundation under climate change: a case study in South East Queensland

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper assesses the costs and benefits of proactive, planned adaptation on built infrastructure in South East Queensland, a region recognised as facing a high risk of inundation in the future. (30 pages)

CAF Working Paper 5: Climate adaptation in the Australian mining and exploration industries

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper reports the initial findings of a project that is underway to assess the impacts of climate change on the Australian mining industry. (32 pages)

CAF Working Paper 4: Adaptation benchmarking survey: initial report

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper reports on survey research conducted to assess the current level of climate adaptation planning being undertaken in organisations in Australia. (68 pages)

CAF Working Paper 3: A framework for stakeholder engagement on climate adaptation

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper outlines best practice methods for engaging with stakeholders on the issue of climate adaptation. (32 pages)

CAF Working Paper 2: Framing vulnerability and adaptive capacity assessment: Discussion paper

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper provides definitions and explanations of key concepts relating to climate adaptation, assessing climate vulnerability and adaptive capacity. (60 pages)

CAF Working Paper 1: Climate change vulnerability assessment: Review of agricultural productivity

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper 1 reviews current methods and approaches for assessing the vulnerability of Australian agriculture to climate variability and change. (52 pages)

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