Dr Tim Fitzgerald

Dr Tim Fitzgerald: improving crown rot resistance in wheat and barley

Dr Tim Fitzgerald is working to find wheat and barley lines resistant to Fusarium fungus.

  • 6 December 2010 | Updated 25 January 2012

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Current activities 

Dr Tim Fitzgerald is currently screening mutant populations of wheat and barley, looking for lines with increased resistance to the devastating crown rot disease caused by Fusarium sp.


Dr Tim Fitzgerald completed his honours and doctoral degrees at Southern Cross University, Lismore, New South Wales, under Professor Robert Henry and Dr Dan Waters.

He worked on projects relating to the genetic cause of the 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline-based fragrance associated with Jasmine and Basmati style rice varieties.

Academic qualifications

Dr Tim Fitzgerald holds the following academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Science) with Distinction, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2002
  • First Class Honours, Southern Cross University, 2004
  • Doctor of Philosophy submitted Southern Cross University, 2008.

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