Conical flask containing blue-green algae.

Blue-green algae.

Testing and analytical services: CSIRO Land and Water

CSIRO Land and Water can provide state-of-the-art testing and analytical services and facilities on a fee for service basis.

  • 18 April 2011 | Updated 11 September 2013

The following testing and analytical facilities and services are currently available from CSIRO Land and Water:

Agricultural and environmental analysis

We provide an extensive range of chemical analyses on plant, soil and water samples for inorganic nutrients, trace elements and heavy metals. We have a well equipped laboratory housing ICP-OES, LECO, ion chromatography and nutrient analyser equipment. Our primary purpose is to provide analytical services to CSIRO researchers but also offered selected specialised analysis to other government agencies and industrial clients upon request.

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Infrared soil analysis service

Our infrared soil analysis service is available to industry, government, research institutes and universities on a routine basis. We also conduct research and provide fundamental information on soil chemistry, soil organic matter, and soil mineralogy for scientists around Australia.

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Isotope analysis service

Our testing and analytical facilities are located in Adelaide, Canberra, Griffith, Perth and Sydney.

We provide isotope analyses for hydrological, environmental and biological purposes. We have a comprehensive CFC and SF6 laboratory and analytical facilities for 222Rn and 226Ra and light noble gases – helium, neon and argon. We provide special expertise in groundwater hydrology and use of carbon and nitrogen isotopes. 

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Mineralogical services

Our special expertise relates to the identification and characterisation of minerals in soils and weathered rocks in Australian landscapes, novel methods of mineral synthesis, and quantitative techniques of mineralogical analysis using X-ray diffraction. Of particular note is the development of methods for detailed characterisation of clay minerals, and accurate methods for quantitative XRD analysis (Rietveld Analysis). 

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XRF laboratory

We provide specialised X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) services including a range of sample preparation facilities and the analysis of a wide variety of sample types including soils, ores, mineral sands, and plant materials.

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Griffith weather data

We offer free weather information to help the farming, research and broader communities. Current (past 14 days) can be accessed for free, while more extensive information can be prepared for a fee.

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