A research conducts soil sampling in the field

Our program has extensive field soil sampling and measurement capability.

Soil and landscape science

Our expertise in soil and landscape science is helping to sustain productivity and improve the condition of our soil resources.

  • 9 November 2010 | Updated 26 November 2012


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Soil is an essential yet fragile natural resource.

Soil is non-renewable and must be well managed to sustain its productive capacity and the provision of other vital ecosystem services.

To enable the most appropriate rural land management practices to be designed and successfully implemented we require an understanding of soil and landscape attributes and processes, and how these vary spatially.

We run major laboratories that support advanced organic and inorganic chemistry.

Our research is motivated by the need to:

  • meet the increasing demand for environmental accounting, including the specific need for improved national capacity in the observation and prediction of trends in the Australian landscape (e.g. soil resource condition monitoring and carbon accounting).
  • design agricultural management practices that maximise carbon capture and minimise net emissions of greenhouse gases. National carbon accounting and approaches to carbon pollution reduction must be designed on the basis of sound scientific evidence.
  • increase agricultural productivity and secure food supplies for the future – this means improved utilisation and management of soil, and the development of farming systems that use water and nutrients more efficiently.

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