Groundwater Hydrology

Key staff

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Staff in the Groundwater Hydrology Research Program are looking at groundwater hydrology and systems analysis, groundwater-surface water interactions, ecohydrology, vegetation-groundwater relations, complex systems modelling and groundwater in the resources sector.

They also have leadership responsibilities for the Isotope Analysis Services and the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

The Program, led by Dr Dirk Mallants, is organised into six teams:

  • Groundwater hydrology and drainage – led by Dr Riasat Ali
  • Vegetation-groundwater relations – led by Dr Richard Silberstein
  • Groundwater systems analysis – led by Dr Brian Smerdon
  • Groundwater-surface water interactions and ecohydrology – led by Dr Sébastien Lamontagne
  • Groundwater and the resources sector – led by Dr Mat Gilfedder
  • Complex systems modelling – led by Dr Russell Crosbie.

Other key staff:

  • Isotope Analysis Services – led by Dr Axel Suckow
  • National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training – Dr Peter Cook, Deputy-director. 

Research Program Leader

Dr Dirk Mallants: integrating experimental observations and numerical modelling

Dr Dirk Mallants is leading hydrogeochemistry and isotope hydrology research.

Team Leaders

Dr Riasat Ali: investigating fresh and saline groundwater systems

Dr Riasat Ali is a groundwater hydrologist evaluating fresh, brackish and saline groundwater resources in Australia and other countries.

Dr Richard Silberstein: catchment hydrologist

Dr Richard Silberstein is a catchment hydrologist investigating interactions between vegetation and surface and groundwater, particularly in the context of a drying climate.

Dr Sébastien Lamontagne: Understanding how water regime changes impact on river and wetland ecosystems

Dr Sébastien Lamontagne’s primary research areas include groundwater hydrology, environmental tracers and biogeochemistry.

Dr Mat Gilfedder: Research team leader, groundwater and the resources sector

Dr Mat Gilfedder leads CSIRO Land and Water's Groundwater and the Resources Sector research team.

Dr Russell Crosbie: researching groundwater recharge and discharge

Dr Russell Crosbie is investigating climate and land use impacts of groundwater.

Other key staff

Dr Axel Suckow: understanding groundwater systems from multi-tracer analysis

Dr Axel Suckow applies multiple environmental tracers and further develops methods for their interpretation and analysis to help understand and secure groundwater systems and their sustainable use.

Dr Peter Cook: researching groundwater hydrology

Dr Peter Cook's primary research areas include groundwater hydrology, groundwater-surface water interaction and use of artificial and environmental tracers.