Biological Control of Weeds in Australia book cover

The front cover of Biological Control of Weeds in Australia.

Biological control – a natural solution in the war on weeds

Published by CSIRO Publishing, Biological Control of Weeds in Australia provides a comprehensive review of the biological control activities undertaken against weeds in Australia over the last 100 years.

  • 3 April 2012

Ed. Julien M., McFadyen R. & Cullen C. 2012. Biological Control of Weeds in Australia. CSIRO PUBLISHING, 648 pp.




This 648-page book demonstrates the far-reaching economic, environmental and scientific benefits that biological control has provided Australia, and the importance of its role in the future of the country.

From 1903 and 2010, a total of 73 weeds have been targeted for biocontrol in Australia, and more than 200 insect and pathogens have been released as biocontrol agents against these weeds.

By the 1980s Australia was a world leader in weed species targeted and new agents introduced, and also led the world with the first deliberate introduction of a plant pathogen as a biocontrol agent, the rust Puccinia chondrillina, released in 1971 to control skeleton weed Chondrilla juncea.


Edited by Mic Julien, Rachel McFadyen and Jim Cullen.