Biosecurity Flagship

Working with our partners, we're assembling strong multidisciplinary research teams to tackle major national and international biosecurity challenges. In doing so we're protecting the health of our farming sector, environment, people, and our way of life.

Our research

  • Managing invasive species

    We're focused on delivering research-based solutions to manage the devastating impacts that invasive alien species, such as pests, weeds and diseases, inflict on our economy, environment and way of life.

  • Protecting animal and human health

    Our scientists are protecting the health of our animals and people by developing the knowledge, tools and countermeasures to control and mitigate outbreaks of disease and underpin national security preparedness against pandemic and bioterrorist threats.

  • Risk and preparedness

    We help protect our Australia's productive industries, environment and human health from pests and diseases by assessing the risks they pose, prioritising the pathways of entry and providing new technologies for surveillance and early response through sensor networks and autonomous platforms.

  • Do business with the Biosecurity Flagship

    We collaborate with government, industry, universities and other international agencies to make a difference and protect the things we value most - the health of our people, economy, industries and environment - from biosecurity threats.

  • People

    Want to speak with us? Look up the key science and business contacts in the Biosecurity Flagship.