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CSIRO's organisational structure

To function as an efficient organisation, CSIRO is structured into several different areas.

  • 1 February 2008 | Updated 4 June 2013

The Board and Chief Executive

The CSIRO Board is responsible for the efficient performance of the Organisation and developing its policy direction. The Board provides directions to the Chief Executive, Dr Megan Clark.

Dr Clark was appointed CSIRO Chief Executive in January 2009. As Chief Executive, she is responsible for all of the Organisation's activities and is assisted by the Executive Team.

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Executive Team

Our Executive Team comprises:

  • the Chief Executive
  • two Deputy Chief Executives
  • five Science Group Executives
  • three Corporate Operational Group Executive Directors.

The Executive Team is responsible for the development and implementation of the organisational strategy.

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The relationship between Divisions enables CSIRO to tackle industrial and environmental problems with a multidisciplinary approach.

Executive Management Council

The Executive Management Council provides a forum for sharing and discussing issues relating to the management and future strategy for CSIRO. It comprises:

  • the Executive Team
  • Flagship Directors
  • Division Chiefs
  • other key members of the Organisation's leadership.

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Our research is largely performed by the Divisions, which are the business units of CSIRO.

The relationship between Divisions enables CSIRO to tackle industrial and environmental problems with a multidisciplinary approach, assembling the best teams from across the Organisation.

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CSIRO information sciences group

This group houses the core of CSIRO’s research in astronomy, mathematical services and information and communication technologies.

Energy group

The Energy Group aims to develop and apply innovative energy research that meets Australian future energy needs.

Environment Group

Leading edge environmental research that is helping Australia build a more sustainable future.

Food, Health and Life Science Industries

Food Health and Life Sciences Group: delivering scientific excellence in biological and food sciences across the agricultural value chain in support of food security, health and biosecurity.

Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals

The Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals Group contains the core of CSIRO’s research in the materials, manufacturing, minerals, mining, biomedical and biotechnology sectors.

National Research Flagships

The Flagship Program is a CSIRO initiative that aims to align our research with major national issues, to achieve long goals over the next ten years.

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Joint ventures

We are currently engaged in a select number of long-term, strategic joint ventures, such as with Food Sciences Australia.

These joint ventures bring together organisations with similar capabilities and enable greater scale, efficiency and impact than either party could achieve alone.

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Cooperative Research Centres

We are also an active participant in Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) and Centres of Excellence.

We remain the single largest participant in the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program with involvement in 20 of the active CRCs.

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