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Biomedical Materials and Devices

Our Biomedical Materials and Devices research develops and evaluates new materials and devices for tissue repair, replacement and regeneration.

Infrastructure Technologies

CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies provides an extensive range of independent testing, assessment and consulting services to support the development of better building products and systems.

Shaping our future

We're helping to shape the national conversation about Australia's future manufacturing industries.

Latest news

Read the latest news from the Future Manufacturing Flagship, including research findings, announcements and the work we do with Australian industry and communities.

Australian Biotech Growth Partnerships

CSIRO's Australian Biotech Growth Partnerships supports the growth of the biotechnology industry and is currently working with over 50 companies.

Titanium Challenge

Want titanium for your cranium? Each year, the CSIRO Titanium Challenge calls on university students to learn about what a totally awesome material titanium is - and to show us what we could do with it!

Titanium Technologies

The Future Manufacturing Flagship is taking titanium technologies from ore to more, building on Australia's world ranking reserves of ore, with our portfolio of advanced metal production and fabrication technologies.

Manufacturing Solutions

Helping industry and business overcome manufacturing challenges with smarter, cleaner and more efficient technologies.

Flexible Electronics

We develop new materials and manufacturing processes for the Organic and Large Area Electronics industry (OLAE). Our fully-integrated facilities provide end-to-end capability, allowing us to design new materials, test them in devices and produce prototypes and demonstrators for clients and partners.

Agile Manufacturing Technologies

We develop advanced agile technologies which leverage digital and information sciences to lift manufacturing productivity and competitiveness.

Future Manufacturing National Research Flagship: manufacturing a cleaner future

CSIRO's Future Manufacturing Flagship aims to lead the development of cleaner advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to enable manufacturing companies to grow Australia's future productivity and prosperity.

Sustainable High Performance Materials

We develop sustainable, eco-efficient technologies for production of high performance materials which meet a range of industrial and consumer needs.

Creating a titanium processing and manufacturing industry for Australia

Taking titanium from ore to more via advanced metal production and direct manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Technologies for Transport & Mining

We produce technologies for sustainable transport, intelligent processes for efficient manufacturing, high-performance lightweight materials, and detectors and sensing systems.

Australian Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

Engaging thought leaders from industry, government and academia on emerging issues and technologies shaping the Australian manufacturing sector.

Dr Swee Mak: Director, Future Manufacturing Flagship

Dr Swee Mak is leading CSIRO's development of cleaner advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to grow Australia’s future productivity and prosperity.

CSIRO Short Stops: Solar Cells

Take a CSIRO Short Stop: snack-sized science for people on the go.

Dry solution to separating particles

CSIRO has developed a dry separation process for granular materials that promises savings in time and cost for industry, and reduced demand on water and energy resources.

Powering the future – solar cells by the metre

Trials commencing today promise a new era of solar cells that are printed like money.

Mineral exploration tool developers win major award

A team of CSIRO Future Manufacturing Flagship scientists has won a major mining industry award for the invention of the highly sensitive magnetic field sensor which sits at the operational heart of the mineral exploration tool, LANDTEM™.

A magnetic gradient tensor

The GETMAG™ research done is addressed in this paper which first appeared in the journal The Leading Edge. GETMAG™ is a system for detecting magnetic minerals from the air and mapping the deposits in three dimensions. (4 pages)