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Dr Peter Wallbrink: Theme Leader, Integrated Water Resources Management, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship

Dr Peter Wallbrink provides scientific leadership in integrated water resources management.

Global review and synthesis of trends in observed terrestrial near-surface wind speeds: Implications for evaporation

Winner of the CLW Publication Award for 2013. This paper by Tim McVicar et al changes the way we think about changes to climate and its impact on the hydrological cycle.

Land and Water Publications

Information and links to CSIRO Land and Water scientific publications.

Dr Tom Denmead: determining trace gas emissions

Dr Tom Denmead's research includes developing new techniques for measuring emissions of greenhouse gases from cropping and animal production systems.

Professor Damian Barrett: aiding water management in the resources sector

Professor Damian Barrett is leading CSIRO's research into water management in the resources sector.

Assessing integrated water management options for urban developments – Canberra case study

To celebrate a decade of publication, the Editors of Urban Water Journal have compiled a list of outstanding papers from the last ten years.

Dr Durga Lal Shrestha: improving streamflow forecasting

Dr Durga Lal Shrestha is researching methods to improve streamflow forecasting through improved hydrological modelling and making best use of available observations and forecasts.

Dr Marie Ekström: Hydroclimate Modeller

Dr Marie Ekström delivers tailored climate change scenario data for climate risk assessments of catchment and regional water resources.

Dr Ben Macdonald: researching greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient cycling

Dr Ben Macdonald is developing improved agricultural production systems through the measurement of gaseous exchanges of water and other trace gases between agricultural and natural ecosystems and the atmosphere.

Dr Mark Farrell: researching nitrogen and carbon biogeochemistry in soils and organic amendments

Dr Mark Farrell’s research is mainly concerned with disentangling the complex interactions between nitrogen and carbon, and stabilisation and utilisation of these resources in soil

Recently published CSIRO Land and Water publications

View our recently published publications from September 2013 to now.

Search all CSIRO Land and Water publications

A list of CSIRO Land and Water publications in the Research Publications Repository from 2009 to present. Full-text versions are available where publishers' permissions permit.

Dr Raphael Viscarra Rossel: using pedometrics to help increase food production and reduce carbon emissions

Dr Raphael Viscarra Rossel leads the development of novel approaches to measure, model and map soil in space and time.

Dr Paul Bertsch: Chief of CSIRO Land and Water

Dr Paul Bertsch is Chief of one of the nation's largest land and water research teams.

Dr Kayley Usher: researching microbially influenced corrosion of buried steel pipes

Dr Kayley Usher is a CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellow investigating microbially influenced corrosion on the external surface of buried steel pipes.

Urban Water Systems Engineering

Our research is creating the science and technology needed for more sustainable, efficient and innovative use of Australia’s water resources.

CSIRO Land and Water: Our people

CSIRO Land and Water is one of CSIRO's largest divisions with more than 500 staff located around Australia.

Dr Rai Kookana: researching environmental fate and effects of organic contaminants

Dr Rai Kookana's research is leading the science to minimise and manage the risks associated with wastes and contaminants in the environment.

Dr David Post: researching catchment-scale hydrologic behaviour

Dr David Post's research areas include the regionalisation of hydrologic response to ungauged areas and the impact of land use and climate change on catchment-scale hydrologic response.

Dr Scott Gould: asset failure prediction and asset management

Dr Scott Gould's research includes the management of water and wastewater networks, and the modelling of buried pipe lifetime.

Mr Danial Stratford: modelling ecological responses to flow

Mr Danial Stratford is developing ecological response models to increase our ability to assess fish population response to river flow regimes and environmental flow allocations.

Dr Russell Crosbie: researching groundwater recharge and discharge

Dr Russell Crosbie is investigating climate and land use impacts of groundwater.

Dr Scott Wilkinson: defining sediment and nutrient fluxes to improve land management

Dr Scott Wilkinson measures and models sediment and nutrient fluxes at paddock to large catchment scales to improve understanding of catchment processes, inform natural resource management and reduce impacts on the aquatic environment.

Mr Stephen Cook: researching sustainable approaches to urban water services

Mr Stephen Cook's research is focused on addressing sustainability challenges in the urban water sector both in Australia and developing countries.

Dr Becky Schmidt: delivering scientific knowledge from interdisciplinary projects

Dr Becky Schmidt’s skills in integration and editing enable CSIRO Land and Water researchers to professionally communicate the results of scientific research.

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