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21st July 2014 is the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11


July 21st 1969 was the day when the world stopped to witness those shimmering TV images of humanity’s first steps on the surface of the Moon.

Those images were returned to Earth and broadcast worldwide with the support of the CSIRO’s Parkes Radio Telescope – the Dish.

To mark the 45th anniversary of that historic moment when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the lunar surface, the Visitor Discovery Centre at the Dish is holding a special exhibition of photographs from NASA’s Apollo missions to the Moon.

On loan from Australian space enthusiast Bruce Thompson, the exhibit illustrates the power of what humans can do when we set our sights on the stars.

Visitors to the Dish can also learn more about the important role played at Parkes in the Apollo missions and see the actual Dish that helped to capture that ‘one small step’.

David Malin Awards and Exhibition

David Malin Awards winner 2012 Solar System hires – King of Pain. A high resolution view of Venus against the sun in Hydrogen Alpha light on 6 June 2012. (Image: Peter Ward)

Winner 2012 Solar System hires – King of Pain. A high resolution view of Venus against the sun in Hydrogen Alpha light on 6 June 2012. (Image: Peter Ward)

The Central West Astronomical Society is proud to present the 2014 CWAS Astrophotography Awards judged by Dr David Malin - the "David Malin Awards".

The 2014 exhibition will be launched in the Bowen Room at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre on Sunday July 20th. Entry is free to the exhibition.

The 2014 CWAS "David Malin Awards"

This year's competition has built on the experience of previous years to help make it the premier competition of its kind in Australia.

The Competition Structure:

  • General Section:
    • Wide-Field
    • Deep Sky
    • Solar System
      • Hi-Resolution (FOV < 30')
      • Wide-Field (FOV > 30')
    • Animated Sequences
      • Scientific
      • Aesthetic
  • Junior Section (18 or younger) - One Open Category (can be of any astronomical subject)
  • Open Themed Section - "The Moon". This section was open to all astrophotographers and sought innovative and imaginative images of the moon in any of its phases.
  • The "David Malin Innovation Prize" may be awarded, at Dr Malin's discretion, for a striking astronomical image that shows exceptional imagination, innovation or an unusual approach in any of the categories.
  • An additional prize, "The Photo Editor's Choice", is also awarded. This will be judged by a major news organisation's photo editor or editors.

Finals Judge: Dr David Malin
Presentation Ceremony for the 2014 CWAS "David Malin Awards"
2014 CWAS AstroFest Conference Dinner
7:00pm Saturday, 19 July 2014.

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Did you know?

The CSIRO Parkes radio telescope has discovered more Pulsars (the collapsed remnants of massive stars) than all of the other radio telescopes in the world collectively.

Astronomers at the Parkes radio telescope use pulsars to study some of the fundamental laws of the universe.