Our Flagships

Biosecurity Flagship

CSIRO's Biosecurity Flagship is focused on helping to protect Australia from biosecurity threats and risks posed by serious exotic and endemic pests and diseases.

Climate Adaptation

Finding ways to adapt to the impacts of climate change and variability.

Digital Productivity & Services

We aim to create A$4 billion per annum in value for the economy by 2025, by delivering more efficient and innovative services for Australia.

Energy Flagship

Developing clean, affordable energy and transport technologies for a sustainable future.

Food Futures

The programs of Food Futures Flagship will transform the agrifood sector of the nation through new technologies and collaborations.

Future Manufacturing

Developing cleaner advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to grow Australia's future productivity and prosperity.

Minerals Down Under

Delivering science and technology solutions to the Australian minerals industry.

Preventative Health

Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians through research into prevention and early detection of common chronic diseases.

Sustainable Agriculture Flagship

CSIRO's Sustainable Agriculture Flagship aims to secure Australian agriculture and forest industries by 2030 through a 50 per cent increase in productivity and a 50 per cent reduction in carbon emissions intensity, while enhancing the resource base and partnering for global benefit.

Water for a Healthy Country

Addressing the sustainable management of Australia's water resources.

Wealth from Oceans

Delivering science and technology to provide Australians with enduring social, environmental and economic wealth from our vast ocean territory.