Front cover of Native Mice and Rats

Native Mice and Rats by Fred Ford, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

Australia's rats and mice - for Fred, they're beautiful

Australia’s dwindling population of native rats and mice are little seen and even less understood. In this vodcast, CSIRO’s Dr Fred Ford introduces us to some very eccentric creatures, and explains the crucial role they play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. (4:16)

  • 29 April 2008 | Updated 25 November 2011

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A new book from CSIRO Publishing, “Native Mice and Rats”, provides glimpses of the secret lives of Australia’s rodents, including the silky mouse, the pebble mound mouse and the stick nest rat.

Encroaching civilisation and feral cats and foxes are playing havoc with our native rodent population, and the photos in this vodcast may be the last we’ll see of them.

CSIRO’s Dr Fred Ford is anxious to reverse the trend, and preserve the species we have left.

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