Jake Cassidy and Tony Grice

Nywaigi Traditional Owner Jake Cassidy and Dr Tony Grice, CSIRO.

Restoring Nywaigi Country and Mungalla Wetlands

In this vodcast we look at how the Nywaigi people of North Queensland and CSIRO are sharing knowledge and working together to restore ecosystem health at Mungalla Station including managing the threat posed by the invasive grass Hymenachne. (6.37)

  • 6 August 2009 | Updated 25 November 2011

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The Nywaigi people and Mungalla Aboriginal Corporation are working with CSIRO scientists to develop and implement a long term wetlands management strategy to restore the health of Nywaigi Country.

Nywaigi Aboriginal people have occupied the lands north of Townsville, Queensland for over 45,000 years. Mungalla Station (near Ingham) is a small part of their traditional lands and is a mix of cleared grazing lands, uncleared and regrowth forest on sand ridges, freshwater wetlands, mangrove and other saline wetlands. 

The 450 hectares of Mungalla wetlands were traditionally used to harvest foods and other resources. Over the last 100 years of European settlement, however, these wetlands have been drastically changed.

The wetland management strategy includes a plan to control the invasive weed Hymenachne using a combination of fire, physical removal and herbicides.  Restoring the health of the wetlands is important as this natural asset provides a basis for the Mungalla station ecotourism enterprises and is a significant cultural place for the Nywaigi people.

CSIRO’s work with Indigenous communities brings together western science and Indigenous ecological knowledge to develop culturally appropriate employment and enterprise opportunities in natural resource management for Indigenous communities in Australia. Indigenous Livelihoods

CSIRO believe Indigenous Australians have extraordinary contributions to make to Australia across cultural, economic and scientific domains. CSIRO's Indigenous Engagement Strategy aims to achieve greater Indigenous participation in CSIRO's research and development agenda and activities.