A photo of the front of the multi-storey Parkville Laboratory in Melbourne, Victoria, with cars and trees in the foreground.

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering Parkville Laboratory, Melbourne, Victoria.

Science in action at CSIRO’s Parkville laboratory

In this vodcast, we bring to light some of the great research currently being undertaken at CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering in Parkville Melbourne, such as new approaches to cancer treatment and the development of novel biodegradable and bioactive biomaterials for the repair, replacement and regeneration of diseased or damaged body parts. (5:29)

  • 31 August 2009 | Updated 25 November 2011

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The Parkville laboratory is an internationally recognised National Centre for Protein Engineering, with approximately 100 staff and 18 postgraduate students based at the site. It serves as the Australian node in the International Network of Protein Engineering Centres.

The facilities at Parkville provide for the spectrum of rational drug design techniques from gene identification to 'in silico' screening of drug candidates and lead identification.

The site has facilities for cell culture, protein purification and robotic crystallisation.

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