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Going back for seconds (Podcast 04 Jun 2013)

A new CSIRO project takes dual-purpose crops to the whole-farm level, increasing flexibility for farmers as climate conditions become more challenging.

Know thy enemy: researching the impact of wild pigs (Podcast 01 Feb 2013)

CSIRO scientists are working with Indigenous communities on Cape York Peninsula to set up long term biodiversity monitoring plots to assess damage caused by wild pigs to the environment. (8:13)

Smoke on the water: ship emissions and air quality (Podcast 14 Sep 2012)

Ship engine exhaust emissions make up more than a quarter of nitrogen oxide emissions generated in the Australian region according to a recently-published study by CSIRO and the Australian Maritime College in Launceston. (3:01)

Climate change and the greenhouse gas factor (Podcast 28 Aug 2012)

Rising CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels has affected global temperature much more than natural climate variability during the past century.

Lupin flour gives pizza power (Podcast 05 Jan 2012)

Dr Rhonda Foley is examining the seed storage protein genes in lupins. The aim of this work is to identify important proteins that play a role in nutrition, including proteins involved in satiety -- the sensation of 'feeling full' -- and lowering blood glucose which may play a role in combating diabetes.

Bringing back the box gum grassy woodlands (Podcast 20 Dec 2011)

Australian agriculture faces a big challenge: to produce more food to feed a growing population while using fewer resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, coping with climate change, and looking after natural ecosystems. (4:05)

Beating the world's deadliest viral villains (Podcast 05 Dec 2011)

In this vodcast, we go inside CSIRO's Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), the front line of defence in helping to protect Australia from the threat of exotic and emerging animal and human diseases. (5:54)

Time tunnel tests climate change crops (Podcast 12 Sep 2011)

Scientists at the CSIRO are investigating how different wheat traits perform under projected climate conditions using tunnel houses specially designed to mimic the environment of 2050. (4:34)

Making sense of taste (Podcast 10 Jun 2011)

In this vodcast, we meet CSIRO scientists who work in the complex area of sensory and consumer science. They measure our food preferences, our sense of taste and smell and our ability to perceive texture, with a view to helping consumers make healthy food choices by understanding better our likes and dislikes, and by working with food companies to make tasty and healthy food products. (7:51)

Farmers versus famine: tackling global food insecurity (Podcast 12 Apr 2011)

CSIRO is working with farmers and government departments to research practical options to respond and adapt to climate change. (5:08)

It’s a jungle out there: snakes and animals of northern Australia (Podcast 05 Oct 2010)

On the remote Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, a town called Aurukun lies nestled in the largest intact area of tropical savanna in the world. Never systematically surveyed before, CSIRO scientists head deep into the wilderness to study native birds, mammals and reptiles and come up with a few surprises. (9:36)

From farm to fork: safer food lasting longer (Podcast 17 Sep 2010)

In this vodcast, we visit CSIRO's Food Processing Centre in Werribee to meet scientists who show us the very latest food processing technologies they work on that can make safe – and better tasting foods than ever before. (9:56)

Conserving oceans of life (Podcast 08 Jun 2010)

In this vodcast we meet two Hobart based CSIRO research scientists working to conserve our oceans’ biodiversity, and a visiting scientist applying his expertise to an Atlantic salmon breeding program. (7:23)

Burning down the house (a trial by fire) (Podcast 03 May 2010)

CSIRO scientists have 'flame-tested' a steel-framed house near Mogo on the New South Wales south coast to see how the structure would stand up to realistic bushfire conditions. (4:49)

The dish and the great beyond (Podcast 13 Apr 2010)

In this vodcast we tune in to the universe with a tour of the famous ‘dish’ at CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory.

Uncovering the dirt on soil and water (Podcast 03 Mar 2010)

With water conservation such an important issue, it’s surprising that less than one in four commercial irrigators in Australia actually measure the amount of water in their soil. (9:13)

Picking through the bones of the past to resurrect a species (Podcast 17 Feb 2010)

As civilisation encroaches further into the Australian bushland, many native rodents are facing a tough battle for survival. (8:59)

Climate change threatening the Southern Ocean (Podcast 02 Dec 2009)

CSIRO scientists are observing changes in ocean temperatures, ocean chemistry and global sea levels. The impact of climate change on marine biodiversity is becoming more apparent. To reduce this impact, urgent action needs to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilise global warming. (7:54)

Marine report card provides a benchmark for climate impacts (Vodcast 27 Nov 09) (Podcast 27 Nov 2009)

The first-ever Australian benchmark of climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and options for adaptation is the work of more than 70 marine scientists. (4:23)

Reaching for the stars with ultra-precision optics (Podcast 07 Oct 2009)

In this vodcast, we examine the work of CSIRO's Australian Centre for Precision Optics (ACPO) in the development of super-sensitive light reflectors for NASA in the United States. (4:50)

Looking out for the Burrup rock art (Podcast 01 Oct 2009)

In this vodcast, we follow a team of CSIRO scientists as they journey through the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia examining ancient Aboriginal rock art for any changes in colour, contrast or chemical composition possibly brought on from emissions from local industry. (7:01)

The bright lights of Clayton (Podcast 28 Sep 2009)

In this vodcast, we visit CSIRO’s Clayton laboratories to see how lasers and a Perspex scale model are being used to configure coal fired power station boilers to burn dried brown coal. (5:07)

Plenty of atmosphere at CSIRO Aspendale (Podcast 21 Sep 2009)

In this vodcast we visit CSIRO’s Aspendale Laboratory in Melbourne where Dr Paul Fraser from Marine and Atmospheric Research explains two new greenhouse gases showing up in an air collection used for monitoring changes in the atmosphere. (3:53)

A hands-on history of our nation's floral emblem (Podcast 08 Sep 2009)

In this vodcast, Dr Joe Miller, from the Centre for Plant biodiversity Research explains the Tree of trees display which focuses on the family tree of Australia’s national floral emblem, the golden wattle. (4:08)

Science in action at CSIRO’s Parkville laboratory (Podcast 31 Aug 2009)

In this vodcast, we bring to light some of the great research currently being undertaken at the CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering at Parkville Melbourne, such as new approaches to cancer treatment and the development of novel biodegradable and bioactive biomaterials for the repair, replacement and regeneration of diseased or damaged body parts. (5:29)

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