CSIRO Project Leader, Dr Martin de Groot, holding a fuse.

CSIRO Project Leader, Dr Martin de Groot, developed the smart metering technology in conjunction with Tasmanian company, Saturn South. (Roger Lovell)

Bringing home the benefits of smart metering

A new web-based smart metering system has been developed by CSIRO to enable householders, small businesses and electricity retailers to remotely manage energy use over a broadband Internet connection. (4:56)

  • 24 May 2010

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Under the web-based smart metering system, householders will have the ability to negotiate more favourable electricity supply agreements with service companies and be more adaptable in their consumption patterns.

The system involves installing a mini smart-meter in a household or business electrical switchboard, which can then be managed remotely from a centralised control platform.

In this podcast Dr Martin de Groot from CSIRO’s Information & Communication Technologies Centre explains how the system will help small scale energy users cut energy use, costs and carbon emissions.

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