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Meet our staff

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CSIRO, through the Indigenous Engagement Strategy, aims to achieve greater Indigenous participation in CSIRO's research and development agenda.


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Meet our staff:

Mr Jim Walker: creating employment and education opportunities for Indigenous peoples

Mr Jim Walker is working to generate employment and education opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in CSIRO. He has worked with Indigenous peoples and communities across Australia and has extensive knowledge of cultures and contemporary issues within Indigenous societies.

Meet the Leaders of our Indigenous projects:

Dr Alan Andersen: Darwin Site Leader

Dr Andersen leads CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences Tropical Savannas research in Darwin, and has specialist expertise in ant biodiversity and fire ecology.

Dr Ben Hoffmann: applied ant ecology in northern Australia

Ant ecologist Dr Ben Hoffmann's research focuses on the invasive ecology and management of pest ants, the disturbance ecology of native ant communities and the use of ants as bio-indicators for sustainable land management

Dr Dan Metcalfe: improving ecology in natural and agricultural systems

Dr Dan Metcalfe leads a group of researchers concerned with addressing the ecological underpinnings of the big sustainability science questions facing Australia and its region.

Dr Daniel Walker: Chief of CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

Dr Daniel Walker is Chief of CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences.

Dr David Westcott: rainforest ecologist

Dr Westcott studies animal movement and is particularly interested in its consequences for ecosystem processes and management.

Dr James Butler: linking sustainable livelihoods to healthy ecosystems

Dr. James Butler has a trans-disciplinary background in agricultural economics, terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology gained in southern Africa, northern Europe and Australia.

Mr Justin Perry: Research Project Officer for Rangelands and Savannas

Mr Justin Perry has a background in fire management and is working towards promoting fire management practices for the conservation of biodiversity in Northern Australia.

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz: Leader, CSIRO Futures

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz's research helps government and industry make wiser choices and plan for an uncertain future.

Dr Petina Pert: natural resource management using geospatial technologies

Dr Petina Pert's provides scientific expertise in spatial analyses, map products and customisation of decision-making tools which are then used to inform natural resource management and conservation biology and planning decisions.

Dr Tom Measham: researching the global sustainability challenges faced by regional communities

Dr Tom Measham is working to identify and understand the human and social dimensions involved in regional environmental challenges and how they affect natural resource management.

Ms Emma Woodward: revealing social and cultural values of water places

Emma Woodward is a geographer researching the social and economic connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and northern river and wetland systems.

Ms Liana Williams: understanding household livelihoods and rural development

Ms Liana Williams is a human geographer examining processes of change and transition across Asia to support improved development interventions.

Dr Fiona Walsh: understanding indigenous culture and 'country'

Dr Fiona Walsh works amongst Aboriginal and other Australian peoples to improve cultural and biological diversity and natural resource management.

Dr Cathy Robinson: focuses on cross-cultural and regional planning in Northern Australia

Dr Cathy Robinson is a geographer who studies decentralised environmental governance systems, with a focus on cross-cultural and regional planning arrangements in Northern Australia.

Dr Kirsten Maclean: examines cross-cultural environmental governance and management strategies in Northern Australia

Dr Kirsten Maclean is a human geographer who uses participatory methodologies to investigate the role of diverse people, knowledge and values in regional natural resource management in Australia.

Dr Rosemary Hill: collaborative environmental governance and planning science

Dr Rosemary Hill is a human geographer specialising in collaborative environmental governance and planning research with a particular focus on Indigenous systems.

Ms Barbara McKaige: Projects Coordinator at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Darwin

Barbara McKaige provides strategic project coordination and research support for CSIRO in the Top End.

Dr Garry Cook: tropical savanna ecology and management

Dr Garry Cook has more than 25 years experience in researching the sustainable management of tropical savanna landscapes, with an emphasis on the role of fire in savanna dynamics and landscape processes.

Dr Anna Richards: understanding soil carbon sequestration in Australia’s tropical savannas

As a soil and plant ecologist, Dr Richards’s research focuses on below-ground carbon fluxes in tropical savanna ecosystems and the impact of different disturbances, such as fire, on carbon dynamics.

Jon Schatz: Technical Officer with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Jon has more than 13 years of agricultural and ecological research experience in the Top End and supports work on the dynamics and management of north Australian environments.

Dr Kelly Scheepers: natural resource management and sustainable Indigenous livelihoods

With a background in community-based natural resource management, Dr Kelly Scheepers is investigating whether contemporary natural resource management models meet Indigenous aspirations for broader livelihood goals.