CSIRO's research is focused on the following:

Biomedical materials

Advances in biomedical materials are delivering products that promote human tissue repair, renewed growth and ability to monitor patient well-being.

Health information and patient management

New health management systems, through the applications of advanced information and communication technology, data analysis and statistics, are delivering improved patient treatments and new ways to retrieve, organise and communicate healthcare data.

Virus research

CSIRO scientists are taking a leading role in identification of emerging virus diseases and the development of effective treatments.

CSIRO research in biomaterials, pharmaceuticals and information and communication technologies (ICT) addresses the treatment needs within our community while delivering potential development opportunities in the healthcare and medical industries.

Providing advanced treatment options, in the form of medications, surgical procedures or patient management, have the potential to improve a person’s health and wellbeing. This can lead to faster recovery, better patient management and more active participation which all impact positively to reduce our national healthcare costs.

CSIRO’s strengths in treatment research include:

  • determining critical factors involved in diseases

  • design of specialised agents that target disease

  • advanced ICT to distil useful information from large data sets.

Some examples include the development of polymers and fabrics for injuries, devising the structure of viruses and development of treatments, such as RelenzaTM the first drug successful in treating influenza.