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Cotton researchers

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CSIRO Cotton Research

The CSIRO Cotton Management and Improvement program is working to enhance Australia's cotton industry.



CSIRO Cotton Researchers

CSIRO cotton research is primarily located at the Australian Cotton Research Institute in Narrabri, with a smaller research group located in Canberra.

Dr Danny Llewellyn: leading cotton biotechnology

Dr Danny Llewellyn specialises in cotton biotechnology research. He has played an important role in developing the insect and herbicide tolerant, genetically modified cotton varieties which currently dominate the cotton industry.

Dr Greg Constable: leading cotton research

Dr Greg Constable is a leader in cotton research, investigating plant breeding, genetically modified cotton varieties, higher yield management packages, improved sustainability and reducing insecticide use.

Dr Iain Wilson: improving cotton genetics

Dr Iain Wilson applies cutting edge technology to advance the understanding of molecular processes in cotton.

Dr Ian Rochester: assessing soil fertility for cotton

Dr Ian Rochester specialises in assessing and understanding soil fertility for growing cotton.

Dr Lewis Wilson: tackling cotton pests

Dr Lewis Wilson researches pests in cotton and helps develop tools that contribute to uptake of integrated pest management (IPM) and reducing insecticide use in cotton production.

Dr Michael Bange: leading research into cotton crop physiology and management

Dr Michael Bange develops decision support tools to assist cotton farm management.

Dr Warwick Stiller: breeding better cotton

Dr Warwick Stiller is part of a large and sophisticated cotton breeding program at CSIRO Plant Industry.


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