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Urban planning overview

CSIRO is developing the technology Australia needs to improve the sustainability, productivity and 'liveability' of our urban environments.

  • 31 May 2005 | Updated 14 October 2011

Australia’s urban areas are expected to grow by more than four million in the next 25 years, putting pressure on transport, energy, air and water systems, as well as threatening the 'liveability' of Australian urban spaces.


Planning decisions made today in Australian cities will have immense ramifications in the future.

CSIRO has welcomed the opportunity to take the long-term view in researching the impact of urban design on the lifestyle of Australians.

Research focus

Our focus is on researching and developing solutions in three main areas:

  • infrastructure
  • built environments
  • design science.


CSIRO has identified that effective evaluation and analysis tools are needed to facilitate urban planning needs.

To that end, database-driven computer modelling tools and simulation technology are being developed for use by architects, engineers, regulatory bodies and city planners.

These tools allow information about a vast, inter-connected system to be processed, and enable computation-rich analysis to assist decision-making.

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