CSIRO's research is focused On The following:

Solar Energy

CSIRO is a world leader in solar research. As renewable energy becomes more and more important to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, CSIRO is making solar power more efficient and effective.

Storing Renewable Energy

CSIRO is conducting research to overcome the challenges of intermittency, storage and dispatch of electricity generated from solar and wind energy.

Geothermal Energy

CSIRO is developing and applying geothermal capabilities to help secure Australia's energy future in a low emissions world.

Energy for Buildings

CSIRO is developing technologies and tools to control how energy is used, managed and generated in buildings, offices and homes.

Efficient energy managment

Pioneering low-carbon, efficient energy systems for households, industry, cities and the nation.


Biofuels will play a big part in our transport future. Finding a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel based petroleum and diesel will become more important as oil supplies decline, petrol prices soar and the necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensifies.

Renewable energy will play an increasingly important role in Australia's energy mix as we move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure future energy supply.

CSIRO is developing the next generation technologies for energy production from renewables and is finding new ways to integrate this type of energy into existing electricity grids or for use immediately in the home.

CSIRO is also developing smart energy systems to improve energy efficiency and management in buildings, offices and homes, and to manage energy more intelligently in electricity networks.

Generating power close to where it is needed, or managing when and how energy is delivered and used, can improve energy efficiency, minimise energy consumption, reduce peak demand on the electricity grid, and save money.