CSIRO's research is focused on the following:


Biofuels will play a big part in our transport future. Finding a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel based petroleum and diesel will become more important as oil supplies decline, petrol prices soar and the necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensifies.

Coal to liquids

CSIRO has identified potential new science and technology developments that may improve the cost and viability of coal to liquids in a greenhouse gas-constrained environment.

Gas to liquids

CSIRO is developing technologies to efficiently and economically convert the nation's abundant natural gas reserves into synthetic liquid fuels and useful chemicals.

Ultrabattery: no ordinary battery

This innovative advancement on conventional battery design from the Energy Transformed National Research Flagship delivers low cost, long life, high performance power and provides a solution for future energy storage needs.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

CSIRO is researching the impact and benefits of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the electricity network, and how this low emission transport option could be integrated into our homes and cities in the future. (2 pages)

Transport is essential to the strength of Australia’s economy and way of life, however domestic and international oil supplies are becoming increasingly constrained. At the same time, Australia has large natural gas resources with the potential to provide a cleaner source of fuel.

As fuel prices rise, so too are the environmental impacts of powering our transport. The transport sector is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Australia behind energy generation and agriculture.

To ensure long term security for our nation’s fuel supply, CSIRO is researching a number of complementary technologies for alternative routes to fuel production and powering transport that could lead the way to a sustainable future for road, rail, air and water transport.