Petroleum and geothermal research

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Facilities and services

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CSIRO has a number of world-class research facilities and services to maximise the research potential into petroleum resources and developing geothermal technologies.

These specialised facilities are available to industry through:

  • commercial consulting services and technical support
  • collaborative research.

CSIRO also has an extensive range of services, within the division of Earth Science and Resource Engineering, to facilitate petroleum and geothermal research.


Dielectric services and facilities

CSIRO's Petrophysics Laboratory offers a range of dielectric measurement options in a broad frequency range for solid and drill cutting samples.

Hydraulic fracturing: facilities and capabilities

CSIRO has extensive expertise in hydraulic fracturing techniques and analyses.

Petroleum geoscience: rock mechanics

CSIRO’s Rock Mechanics Laboratory undertakes research and testing for exploration, development and production scenarios in the oil industry as well as for the geological storage of carbon dioxide.

Shale Research Centre

The Shale Research Centre conducts experimental and theoretical research on shale properties and problems.

SynCat: 24/7 synfuel and catalysis research facility

SynCat is Australia's first fully automated, around-the-clock, synthetic fuels research facility.

Hytra Hydrate Flow Loop

Read a brochure on Australia's first gas hydrate flow loop to simulate gas pipeline conditions deepwater gas fields and understand hydrate dynamic behaviour. (2 pages)