Feature articles

Seeing more than carbon for the trees

Schemes that offer economic incentives for growing trees for carbon present an opportunity to reverse trends in land clearing but also to restore ecosystem services – such as pest control, pollination, soil and water conservation.

Future Fuels Forum

The Future Fuels Forum brought together community, industry and government to plan for the future of transport fuels.

Our research

Flagship research into low emission electricity

Our reliance on coal for power generation results in high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Working with the power generation industry, the Energy Transformed Flagship is researching ways to reduce these emissions while still meeting demand.

Flagship research into low emissions transport

Energy Transformed Flagship research into low emission transport addresses the complex issues of vehicle fuels, reducing emissions and building and managing more efficient transport networks.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through carbon dioxide storage

Experience gained extracting fossil fuels can be reversed and applied to storing carbon dioxide greenhouses gas in underground reservoirs.

Research into low emission energy and systems

Developing, demonstrating and deploying alternative stationary and transport energy solutions.

Developing solutions for low emission fuels

CSIRO’s alternative transport fuels research explores the feasibility of alternatives to traditional fuel types, such as petrol or diesel, and looks at the possible biophysical, social and economic impacts of their production and adoption.

Renewable energy

Renewable sources are set to play an integral part in energy delivery. CSIRO research in renewable energy aims to develop the underlying science and next generation technologies for energy production.

Greenhouse gas and carbon management in forests

CSIRO is undertaking a range of projects that aim to facilitate the use of forests as part of greenhouse gas mitigation and investment strategies.

Fire and carbon in regional Australia

This project is identifying the biophysical, economic and social opportunities for remote communities relating to land management for greenhouse gas abatement, with a focus on fire management in tropical savannas.

The bioeconomy

The bioeconomy is an emerging term for the sustainable production and conversion of biomass for a range of food, health, fibre and industrial products and energy.