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Previous Flagship Director, Dr Bill Young, talks about global access to water in the future, 9 May 2013 [external link]

As the global population swells to over 9 billion by 2050, CSIRO’s Dr Bill Young looks at whether there will be enough water for everyone. 9 May 2013

Dr Grant Douglas won the Environment, Agriculture and Food category of the 2012 Australian Shell Innovation Challenge for Phoslock™, 21 March 2013 [external link]

Dr Grant Douglas won the Environment, Agriculture and Food category of the 2012 Australian Shell Innovation Challenge for Phoslock™ [external link]

CSIRO geochemist Dr Grant Douglas, talks with the ABC about the technology he developed to control algal blooms, 21 March 2013 [external link]

Removing phosphorus from waterways to prevent harmful algal blooms. 21 March 2013. ABC Radio Australia [external link]

Podcast on micropollutants (Podcast 28 Oct 2013)

Dr Rai Kookana discusses why micropollutants including endocrine disrupting chemicals are an emerging threat to our water ways and native fish. (6:37)

Blue-green algae: look before your dog leaps (Podcast 10 Oct 2012)

CSIRO water scientists have a long-standing active program building up an understanding of the complex chain of events that leads to a blue-green algal bloom, and the aftermath of toxins released into the water. (9:08)

Deep water: health of the Great Artesian Basin (Podcast 27 Mar 2013)

CSIRO, in collaboration with Geoscience Australia, has completed a two and a half-year A$6.25 million project to assess water resources in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB).

Water: Science and Solutions for Australia videos

This page collates all videos recorded for the publication "Water: Science and Solutions for Australia".

User agreement: Koshi River Basin (Podcast 14 Jun 2013)

CSIRO scientists are applying their knowledge in transboundary river system management to improve the livelihoods of people living in the Koshi River Basin, a river system that stretches from China in the north, down through Nepal and across the Himalayas including Mt Everest and discharges into the Ganges River in India.

Historic Murray-Darling report tells the whole story (Podcast 25 Nov 2008)

The first complete report on future water availability in all 18 regions of the Murray-Darling Basin has been released. In this podcast, Dr Tom Hatton, Director of CSIRO’s Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, explains what it means for the industries and people in Australia’s struggling Basin. (6:07)

Fighting the blob with mining by-products (Podcast 31 Mar 2011)

CSIRO research has shown that some mining by-products can be effective in preventing nutrients from entering river systems, thereby reducing the potential for algal blooms. (6:56)

Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows

CSIRO worked with their partners to describe in detail how Indigenous people value water to better inform water management planning.

Turning the tide on reef water quality (Podcast 09 Sep 2011)

Evidence of coastal ecosystem degradation in the Great Barrier Reef has been linked with increased land-based runoff of suspended solids, nutrients and pesticides resulting from clearing and agricultural land use. (10:44)

Water and Energy Saving Cities (Podcast 24 Oct 2008)

The CSIRO report Water-energy futures for Melbourne examines the challenges a large city faces in providing water for their growing populations. In this podcast, Steven Kenway from the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship discusses these challenges. (4:58)

Murray-Darling Basin: The end of the line (Podcast 21 Jul 2008)

The last of 18 specific reports on water availability in every region of the Murray-Darling Basin has been completed by the CSIRO’s Murray Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project team. Dr Tom Hatton, the former Director of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, says the Murray region report has sobering news for the environment and communities at the end of the system. (6:10)

Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project (Podcast 07 Sep 2007)

Dr Tom Hatton talks about the Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project and the release of the first regional report on the Warrego. (5:40)