Mundaring Dam, Western Australia - Two people silhouetted against the evening skyline full of clouds.

Mundaring Dam, Perth, Western Australia.

The south-west Western Australia Sustainable Yields Project

This project provided information on current and future water yields from both surface water catchments and aquifers in south-west Western Australia.

  • 18 April 2011 | Updated 19 November 2013


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The south-west Western Australia Sustainable Yields (SWSY) Project has delivered a series of reports on the surface water, groundwater, and water yields and demands in south-west Western Australia.

The project was funded by the Australian Government to provide water managers and users with robust estimates of current and future water yields for Western Australia's south-west.

CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship has worked in partnership with the Western Australian Government's Department of Water to provide the science to help underpin the planning and management of the region's water resources.

The project resulted from a March 2008 decision by the Council of Australian Governments for a comprehensive scientific assessment of water yields in all major water systems across the country.

For more details download the   Estimating the water yield of south-west Western Australia under a changing climate [20 KB PDF] fact sheet.

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