Australian Agricultural Challenges

Producing more with less: increasing productivity whilst sustaining natural resources

Increasing agricultural productivity whilst sustaining natural resources.

Food security explained: issues for Australia and our role in the global challenge

Issues for Australia and our role in the global challenge.

Latest Research and Publications

Livestock Methane Research Cluster

CSIRO is involved in the Livestock Methane Research Cluster (LMRC), a collaboration between world leading scientific experts to develop accurate and practical methods to measure and reduce livestock methane emissions in the northern Australia beef herd.

Soil Carbon Sequestration Potential: A review for Australian agriculture

This report clarifies some of the uncertainties around soil carbon and the role of soil carbon sequestration in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (89 pages).

Sustainable Development for Northern Australia: a comprehensive science review

The Northern Australia Land and Water Science Review 2009 examines a range of options for use of land and water in northern Australia and the likely consequences of those uses, for communities, businesses and the environment.

An Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Carbon Biosequestration Opportunities from Rural Land Use

This 172-page report estimates the amount of greenhouse gases that can be stored or mitigated by changes in rural land use in Queensland and more broadly, Australia.