'Perfect' food for 'perfect' prawns

Australian researchers have developed a food additive for farmed prawns that will mean prawn lovers will have access to more sustainable prawns that still taste great.

Study reveals good news about the GI of rice

Research analysing 235 types of rice from around the world has found its glycemic index (GI) varies from one type of rice to another with most varieties scoring a low to medium GI.

Resistant starch may offer potential to help protect against bowel cancer

Consumption of resistant starch leads to positive changes in the bowel and could protect against genetic damage implicated in bowel cancer.

ACPFG and CSIRO join forces with Vilmorin & Cie to commercialise Nitrogen Use Efficiency wheat in Australia

Australian growers are set to benefit from an international collaboration to commercialise Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) wheat in Australia

Australian scientific collaboration set to break world’s reliance on fish for long chain omega-3

A pioneering research alliance is on the way to breaking the world's reliance on fish stocks for supply of long chain omega-3.

Animal reproduction research to transform industry

New biotechnologies are boosting the productivity and sustainability of Australia's cattle and aquaculture industries.

Research collaboration to deliver ‘healthier’ grains

Four of Australia’s leading research institutions will collaborate closely over the next three years to fast-track development of new ‘healthier’ varieties of three of the world’s most widely cultivated cereal grains.

Is this the perfect prawn?

After 10 years of careful breeding and research, scientists have developed what could be the world’s most perfect prawn.

E-Noses: testing their mettle against fly noses

Scientists from CSIRO’s Food Futures Flagship have made a breakthrough in efforts to extend the sensory range of ‘electronic noses’ (e-noses) by developing a system for comparing their performance against the much-superior nose of the vinegar fly.

CSIRO deal to commercialise ‘artificial gut’

CSIRO Food Futures Flagship and Stadvis Pty Ltd have developed an automated instrument that accurately predicts glycemic index (GI) and resistant starch (RS) in food products.

A new twist in the sex life of silk worms

A quirk in the sex life of the silkworm (Bombyx mori) has been revealed by a team of CSIRO Food Futures Flagship scientists led by Dr Alisha Anderson.

New high-fibre barley licensed to grow

Food manufacturers will soon have access to a new CSIRO-bred barley variety which has significant human health benefits.

$12.5 million partnership targets healthy grain

CSIRO, through the Food Futures Flagship, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) have announced a partnership to accelerate the development of new super-healthy wheat varieties.

‘Blueblood’ salmon bloodlines for Tasmania

A new science-industry partnership is recruiting an elite pool of Atlantic salmon bloodlines to transform Tasmania’s $170 million Atlantic salmon industry.