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Food Futures Flagship overview

The programs of Food Futures Flagship will transform the agrifood sector of the nation through new technologies and collaborations.

  • 10 January 2012 | Updated 3 May 2012

One of Australia's greatest natural advantages is its ability to efficiently produce clean, healthy foods.

However, our changing demographics present opportunities to build new industries from our existing science base. 

The Food Futures Flagship is a collaboration involving CSIRO, and industry and research partners, which will transform the Australian agrifood sector.

By applying frontier technologies to high-potential industries, the Flagship's goal is to add A$3 billion annually of value to the Australian agrifood sector. We aim to transform the international competitiveness of the Australian agrifood sector.

Our programs are focused on delivering outcomes that contribute to all aspects of Australian life.

A whole industry approach

Our research and involvement covers the entire food-supply chain.

We have links to scientific research with farmers, governments and the food industry.

We are developing innovative agrifood and processing technologies to help generate increased prosperity and sustainability for Australia’s agribusiness sector.

Our programs are focused on delivering outcomes that contribute to all aspects of Australian life.

In the primary industry sector, the Food Futures Flagship will help differentiate Australian grains, providing a means for these to move from commodity supplies in the global market to differentiated value-added produce.

It will also add value to primary products through innovative food design and provide opportunities in domestic and foreign markets.

Multi-level benefits for Australia

The benefits to Australia will be:

  • increased exports
  • production of healthier and safer foods
  • improved farm profitability.

Within the agribusiness sector, employment will increase, bringing with it stronger, more predictable growth and stable regional economic conditions.

The Food Futures Flagship capitalises on CSIRO's capabilities and relationships spread across the entire food supply chain from 'paddock to consumer'.

Partnering industry

Project partnerships with rural research and development (R&D) corporations, universities and other research bodies are focused on seamlessly linking to outcomes championed by industry bodies and agrifood companies.

The Food Futures Flagship integrates supply chain activities and production with a range of technological platforms designed to address four key 'hot spot' applications. It does this by:

  • developing frontier science and technologies with the potential to transform the agrifood sector
  • applying these technologies to Australia’s largest and fastest growing agrifood industries
  • focusing on unlocking substantial value currently under-utilised or untapped within the supply chain.

Research areas

The Food Futures Flagship's research is focused on three main areas:

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