Tara Konarzewski is investigating how invasive plant species like Paterson's Curse cope the changing climate

Plant Industry Researchers

Plant Industry researchers promote profitable and sustainable agrifood, fibre and horticultural industries, developing new plant products and improving natural resource management.

Dr Adnane Nemri: understanding virulence in flax rust

Dr Nemri's research centres on understanding the mechanisms involved in plant-pathogen interactions and how they co-evolve.

Dr Ahmed Regina: understanding how plants make starch

Dr Regina leads a research group investigating the control of starch biosynthesis and structure in cereals with a focus on high amylose starches.

Dr Alan Richardson: understanding how plants obtain nutrients from the soil

Dr Alan Richardson leads a team researching ways of improving plant uptake of phosphorus from the soil. He is also an expert in the regulation of genetically modified crops in Australia.

Dr Alexander N Schmidt-Lebuhn: investigating evolution, systematics and taxonomy of Australian plants

Dr Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn is currently conducting research on Australian flowering plants with specific focus on the systematics and evolution of the daisy family (Asteraceae).

Mr Aljoy Abarquez: improving living standards through proper utilisation of forest genetic resources

Mr Aljoy Abarquez is working in the practical adoption of forest science in global development.

Dr Andrew James: breeding soybeans

Dr Andrew James is leading CSIRO’s soybean breeding program with an emphasis on improving culinary quality.

Dr Andrew Moore: analysing grazing and mixed farming systems in southern Australia

Dr Andrew Moore builds and applies mathematical models of soil, plant, animal and human dynamics to analyse the effects of management and risk on a range of farming systems.

Dr Andrew Young: researching Australia's biodiversity

Dr Andrew Young is Director of the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity and Research (CANBR) at CSIRO Plant Industry, researching Australia's biodiversity.

Dr Anna Koltunow

Dr Anna Koltunow's research is focused on plant reproduction.

Dr Anne Rae: understanding sucrose transport and storage

Dr Anne Rae has investigated pathways of sugar transport and accumulation in sugarcane and currently leads a project developing tools for tissue-specific and subcellular targeting.

Dr Anton Wasson: investigating root architecture

Dr Anton Wasson is using novel techniques to investigate plant roots structure and water uptake.

Dr Bala Thumma: investigating the molecular genetics of forest trees

Dr Bala Thumma is part of the Biodiversity and Sustainable Production research group at CSIRO Plant Industry where he is investigating the molecular genetics of forest trees.

Dr Ben Trevaskis: researching flowering in cereals

Dr Ben Trevaskis leads a team of researchers investigating the epigenetic regulation of flowering in cereals.

Dr Chris Davies: unravelling ripening

Dr Chris Davies is investigating the hormonal and genetic control of grape ripening.

Dr Chris Helliwell: investigating plant molecular biology

Dr Chris Helliwell researches polycomb group proteins in plant growth and development and the roles of miRNAs in rice grain development.

Dr Christine Böttcher: researching grape berry ripening

Dr Christine Böttcher is a Postdoctoral Fellow studying how hormones control ripening in grapes.

Dr Christine Cargill: curating cryptogams

Dr Christine Cargill is the Curator of the cryptogam section of the Australian National Herbarium and leads research into the taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of hornworts and liverworts.

Dr Colleen MacMillan: investigating plant fibre development

Dr Colleen MacMillan investigates molecular aspects of plant fibre development and biomechanics to improve selected traits in cotton and plantation trees.

Dr Craig Wood: Engineering safflower to produce industrial oils

Dr Craig Wood uses advanced genetic engineering to produce high-value products in safflower.

Dr Crispin Howitt: improving the quality of cereals

Dr Crispin Howitt leads a research group that is exploring the genetic basis of cereal quality.

Dr Danny Llewellyn: leading cotton biotechnology

Dr Danny Llewellyn specialises in cotton biotechnology research. He has played an important role in developing the insect and herbicide tolerant, genetically modified cotton varieties which currently dominate the cotton industry.

Mr David Bush: breeding trees for low rainfall environments

Mr David Bush's research focuses on the interaction of genotypes with environments and development of products such as untreated, naturally durable timber for use in viticulture and agriculture.

Dr David Deery: developing new tools for field phenotyping

Dr David Deery is creating new tools for measuring the physical characteristics of plants (phenotyping) in the field.

Dr Donald Gardiner: researching fungal pathogens

Dr Donald Gardiner is studying the genome and virulence of fungal pathogens.

Dr Ian Dry: fighting grapevine disease

Dr Ian Dry is leading research into grapevine disease resistance, in particular by looking at developing molecular strategies to improve the genetic resistance of all horticultural crops to fungal pathogens.

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