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GRAZPLAN™: integrated decision support for farming

Australian agriculture and land managers operate in an environment with a high degree of uncertainty but CSIRO's GRAZPLAN™ tools help remove some of the guesswork from decision-making.

  • 23 November 2007 | Updated 12 December 2012

Current activities

The GRAZPLAN™ project at CSIRO Plant Industry Division has developed a series of computer models that are the basis of four commercially available decision support tools.

These tools are intended to help farmers to make decisions about their farm management based on findings from scientific research.

They are aimed not only at farmers and farm advisors, but also at industry organisations, agribusiness, banks and insurance companies.

CSIRO has developed a series of computer models that are the basis of four commercially available decision support tools.

The tools

The four tools developed by CSIRO are:

  • MetAccess™: uses daily weather records to help farmers estimate the probable weather conditions at critical times in the production cycle.

    This information can be used to make better decisions about suitable crop and pasture varieties as well as setting optimum dates for farm operations.
  • GrazFeed™: provides estimates of animal production from available pasture for any breed of sheep or cattle.

    It calculates how much supplementary feed, and of what type, will be needed to reach a particular production target.
  • GrassGro™: helps assess production risks for a range of beef and sheep enterprises.

    Users can test the profitability of management options for different combinations of pastures, animals, soil and weather.
  • AusFarm™: a flexible modelling tool for agricultural enterprises.

    AusFarm™ enables analysis of complex management questions in livestock production or mixed crop-livestock systems.

    Any process model can be employed with AusFarm™, because simulations are implemented with an innovative 'common modelling protocol' that handles information exchange between the sub-models. AusFarm™ is only available for research applications.


The first three of these tools, MetAccess™, GrazFeed™ and GrassGro™, are commercially available.

Please contact Horizon Agriculture Pty Limited for pricing and availability.

GRAZPLAN™ supporting documents and programs can be found here.

  • MetAccess™, GrazFeed™, GrassGro™ and AusFarm™ are trade marks of CSIRO Australia.