Urban Water Systems Engineering

Key staff

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Staff in the Urban Water Systems Engineering Research Program are looking at urban water systems science, water systems infrastructure and engineering and water quality.

The Program, led by Dr Simon Toze, is organised into four teams:

  • Urban water systems science – led by Dr Shiroma Maheepala, Dr Magnus Moglia and Dr Luis Neumann
  • Water systems engineering – led by Dr Ashok Sharma, Ms Grace Tjandraatmadja and Mr Stephen Cook
  • Infrastructure engineering – led by Dr Donavan Marney and Dr Paul Davis
  • Water quality science – led by Dr Simon Toze.

Research Program Leader

Dr Simon Toze: leading research in water reuse

Dr Simon Toze is a microbiologist researching water quality in urban environments, in particular managed aquifer recharge and alternative water sources.

Team Leaders

Dr Shiroma Maheepala: leading integrated urban water systems science

Dr Shiroma Maheepala is leading integrated urban water systems research to inform future urban water systems and transition pathways.

Dr Magnus Moglia: undertaking integrated assessments modelling

Dr Magnus Moglia is a senior research scientist with CSIRO Land and Water. His work explores the socio-technical perspectives of urban water systems. His work is typically at the interface of research, policy, management and decision support.

Dr Luis Neumann: integrated urban water management and modelling

Dr Neumann specialises in hydrological and water quality modelling, climate change impacts and integrated urban water and stormwater management.

Dr Ashok Sharma: researching sustainable water systems

Dr Ashok Sharma advances the uptake of distributed and decentralised urban water systems to address the challenges faced by conventional systems.

Ms Grace Tjandraatmadja: improving our understanding of sustainable water service options

Ms Grace Tjandraatmadja is evaluating integrated water and wastewater services and transition strategies for more sustainable and climate resilient urban water services.

Mr Stephen Cook: researching sustainable approaches to urban water services

Mr Stephen Cook's research is focused on addressing sustainability challenges in the urban water sector both in Australia and developing countries.

Dr Donavan Marney: improving efficiencies within Australia's urban water networks

Dr Donavan Marney's research effort is aimed at improving efficiencies within Australia's urban water networks through improved utilisation of emerging sensor network technologies.

Other key staff

Professor Stewart Burn: improving Australia’s urban water systems

Professor Stewart Burn leads research that develops cost-effective, whole-system innovations to improve the efficiency and sustainability of Australia's urban water systems.

Dr David Marlow: researching asset management and sustainability in the water sector

Dr David Marlow's primary research areas are in developing risk-based tools and approaches for the sustainable management of sewerage and water assets.

Dr Minh Nguyen: leading research in climate change impacts and adaptations for water infrastructure

Dr Minh Nguyen is an expert in modelling infrastructure materials degradation in different environments and climatic conditions.

  • Mr Ted Gardner: leading research into urban water systems in south-east Queensland.