Surface Water Hydrology

Key staff

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Staff in the Surface Water Hydrology Research Program are looking at catchment and irrigation hydrology, climate impact on water, streamflow forecasting, river system modelling and integrated basin analysis.

The Program, led by Dr Francis Chiew, is organised into six teams:

  • Catchment hydrology – led by Dr Jai Vaze
  • Climate impact on water – led by Dr Lu Zhang
  • Streamflow forecasting – led by Dr QJ Wang
  • River system modelling – led by Dr Wendy Welsh
  • Integrated basin analysis – led by Dr Mobin Ahmad
  • Irrigation hydrology – led by Dr John Hornbuckle.

Research Program Leader

Dr Francis Chiew: improving our understanding of climate and water

Dr Francis Chiew is developing hydrological models to predict climate, land use and management impacts on water.

Team Leaders

Dr Jai Vaze: Improving our understanding of spatial and temporal variability of water resources

Dr Jai Vaze is developing an integrated hydrological modelling framework to provide seamless water balance information for Australia.

Dr Lu Zhang: researching climate, vegetation and water interactions

Dr Lu Zhang is researching catchment scale water balance in relation to climate and vegetation change and developing models to predict the hydrological responses.

Dr QJ Wang: Improving water forecasting with lead times from hours to seasons

Dr QJ Wang is developing mathematical and statistical models for probabilistic forecasting of precipitation and river flows.

Dr Wendy Welsh: leading the Northern Inland Catchments Bioregional Assessment

Dr Wendy Welsh's primary research areas are in groundwater and river system modelling.

Dr Mobin-ud-Din Ahmad: researching basin-scale agricultural water management issues

Dr Mobin-ud-Din Ahmad’s primary research areas include integrated water resources management, particularly in the application of remote sensing techniques and computer simulation models.

Dr John Hornbuckle: researching improved on-farm irrigation

Dr John Hornbuckle is an irrigation and drainage engineer focusing on improving water use efficiency and minimising the environmental impacts associated with irrigation.

Other key staff

Dr Mac Kirby: leading irrigation hydrology research

Dr Mac Kirby coordinates the national Sustainable Yields projects for Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Australia.

Dr Neil Viney: modelling catchment hydrology

Dr Neil Viney’s primary research areas include catchment modelling, regionalisation, ensemble modelling, modelling the impacts of climate and land use change on hydrological behaviour, and modelling catchment fluxes of salt, sediment and nutrients.

Dr David Post: researching catchment-scale hydrologic behaviour

Dr David Post's research areas include the regionalisation of hydrologic response to ungauged areas and the impact of land use and climate change on catchment-scale hydrologic response.

Mr Geoff Podger: enabling equitable and efficient use of water in complex river systems

Mr Geoff Podger leads the Integrated Basin Modelling Stream for CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship.