The Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct in Townsville.

The Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct.

Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct - Townsville, Qld

CSIRO and James Cook University (JCU) are working together in a world class tropical research hub located at JCU's Townsville campus.

  • 29 October 2010 | Updated 18 September 2014


The ATSIP is a purpose-built world class research facility.

CSIRO, JCU and the Queensland State Government Smart State Research Facilities Fund committed significant resources to the development of the building with a view to fostering collaboration between JCU and CSIRO, the predominant research providers for terrestrial systems in north Queensland.

The vision is for the ATSIP to become the Australian headquarters for research underpinning the sustainable use of natural resources in the tropics.

CSIRO and JCU also have a strategic alliance known as the JCU/CSIRO Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture (TLJV) to facilitate collaborative research between these two world-class organisations.

"JCU and CSIRO have complimentary research profiles and their co-location in one building provides the platform for greater and innovative research partnerships."

Professor Sandra Harding, Vice- Chancellor, JCU


The research groups co-located at the ATSIP are:


  • Agriculture Flagship
  • Land & Water Flagship


  • Centre for Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Tropical Agriculture and Molecular Ecology Group
  • Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research

Seminar Series

ATSIP hosts the JCU/CSIRO Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series.

ATSIP Weather Data Report

CSIRO’s Environmental Research and Monitoring Team have installed an IP camera and a weather transmitter on the roof of the ATSIP building.

The system is solar powered and uses the mobile phone network (3G) to telemeter imagery and data onto the internet.

Visit the Weather Data web page [external link] for weather data and a roof top view.

Location map

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