Research Programs

Mineral System Sciences

CSIRO is a world leader in developing new techniques and insights to help find targets buried under sediments, beneath Australia’s ancient blanket of deeply weathered rock and even under the ocean.

Mining Science and Engineering

CSIRO's pioneering research into mine design, equipment and procedures is improving safety, reducing costs and improving efficiency. We aim to ensure that the mining industry is both sustainable, and environmentally responsible.

Petroleum Engineering

CSIRO is providing technologies to help improve Australia's oil and gas self-sufficiency as well as develop sustainable energy resources for the future.

Petroleum Geosciences

The oil and gas industry is at the cusp of significant changes with tightening supply necessitating significant technological innovation from CSIRO geoscientists.

Making a Difference


Helping Australia move to a clean, secure energy future and maximise the wealth from our resources.

Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals

The Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals Group contains the core of CSIRO’s research in the materials, manufacturing, minerals, mining, biomedical and biotechnology sectors.