Issue 1 | March 2012

Leader's column

Welcome to the first issue of Spark!  

Welcome to the first edition of Spark! the newsletter from the Energy team in CSIRO.

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Pilot plant trials help refine carbon capture solutions

Home energy study  

Catching gas sounds tricky. But, the real challenge is to catch carbon dioxide (CO2) in way that doesn’t cost the earth.

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New forecasting tools aid ocean energy operations

Home energy study  

Unexpected deep ocean eddies can cost millions of dollars in emergency shut downs and lost time for oil and gas companies.

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Home energy health check-up

Home energy study  

Researchers will take the temperature of more than 400 houses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide as part of a project to evaluate home energy health.

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Power from hot water: Perth's future vision

Using geothermal energy to cool Pawsey Supercomputer Centre  

The Western Australian capital Perth is shaping itself to be one of the leading geothermal cities of the future.

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Solar research tackles cloudy impacts

Solar intermittency research  

Relying on the sun as an energy source has challenges because the supply is not constant (e.g. the sun does not shine at night) and can change (e.g. a rainy day).

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Catalytic turbine transforms methane emissions

Cutting methane emissions from coal mining  

An Australian-Chinese collaboration has successfully trialled new CSIRO technology to mitigate methane gas emissions, harnessing them as a source of clean energy.

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