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The 2007 Malcolm McIntosh Lecture looks at the influence of oceans on weather and climate.

Climate change threatening the Southern Ocean

CSIRO scientists are observing changes in ocean temperatures, ocean chemistry and global sea levels. The impact of climate change on marine biodiversity is becoming more apparent. To reduce this impact, urgent action needs to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilise global warming. (7:54)

  • 2 December 2009 | Updated 25 November 2011

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In this vodcast, we meet four marine scientists from CSIRO’s Wealth from Oceans Flagship who are conducting research for the Australian Climate Change Science Program on the impacts on our oceans of increased carbon dioxide in the air.

The scientists explain the evidence for ocean warming and acidification, the increase in strengths of major warm-water currents, changes in the productivity of marine ecosystems, and shifts in the distribution and abundance of species.

Read more about the Australian Climate Change Science Program.