The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook – How to save energy, save money and reduce your carbon footprint

About the authors

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Dr John Wright

Portrait image of Dr John Wright.

Dr John Wright, Advisor, Sustainable Energy Partnerships.

Dr John Wright is one of Australia’s foremost scientists in the field of alternative energy and greenhouse gas mitigation.

With a career spanning over 30 years in the public and private sectors, Dr Wright is currently an advisor to CSIRO’s Sustainable Energy Partnerships working across CSIRO to develop major partnerships with industry, governments and the community.

He previously held the positions of:

  • Director of the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship, 2002-08
  • Chief of CSIRO Energy Technology.

Ms Peta Ashworth

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Science into Society, Group Leader, Ms Peta Ashworth.

Ms Ashworth works as a social scientist at CSIRO and has over 20 years' research and management experience.

Ms Ashworth's role involves understanding stakeholder perceptions to a range of complex issues, including climate and energy.

Ms Ashworth's research interest is understanding how to deliver information to best effect and the role deliberative processes can play in informing decision making.

She is hopeful that the information in this book will help demonstrate to Australians easy ways to tackle the problem in their own home to help mitigate the problem of climate change.

Dr Peter Osman

Portrait image of Dr Peter Osman.

Dr Peter Osman.

Dr Osman has worked for 36 years as an engineer in the medical aerospace and building projects.

While coordinating projects for developing countries he realised how seriously climate change would impact the developing world and the urgent need to cope with resource limits such as ‘Peak Oil’. Since then he has been keenly promoting the need for energy conservation.

Thirty years ago Dr Osman told his daughter their next car would run on electricity! These days he prefers to travel whenever possible by bus, train, and electric bike.