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Partners in space: CSIRO and NASA celebrate its 50th anniversary

The 26th of February 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of Australia's partnership with the USA in solar system exploration. Learn more about our historic collaboration in this video. (7:08)

Starlab Planetarium student workshop (New South Wales)

Marvel at the wonders of the Universe within our planetarium. Find out more about the Starlab Planetarium program, run by CSIRO for New South Wales students in Years K - 6.

Parkes Radio Telescope group bookings

The Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre provides an engaging and inspiring experience for people of all ages.

Visiting 'the Dish'

Tune in to the universe at 'the Dish' and discover the world class astronomy and engineering at this international scientific and cultural icon.

Virtual Tour of the Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre

Use this virtual tour to explore CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope visitors centre, 20 kilometres north of the town of Parkes, New South Wales, Australia.

Narrabri: Culgoora, NSW (Australia Telescope Compact Array)

CSIRO’s Australia Telescope Compact Array is one of the world’s leading radio telescopes.

Australia Telescope National Facility

CSIRO's radio astronomy observatories are collectively known as the Australia Telescope National Facility, with the facility supporting Australia's research in radio astronomy.

Creating world-class receivers: ‘hearing-aids’ for telescopes

'Receivers' are the hearing aids of a radio telescope, boosting cosmic signals by up to a million times and CSIRO's Australia Telescope National Facility tailor-makes receivers for its own telescopes and for others around the world.

Canberra: Tidbinbilla, ACT (Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex)

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex is one of three Deep Space Network stations around the world providing continuous, two-way radio contact with spacecraft exploring our solar system and beyond.

Venue hire

The Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre provides venue hire, including catering.

About 'the Dish'

CSIRO's Parkes radio telescope is a 64-m diameter parabolic dish used for radio astronomy

School holiday fun at the Dish

The Parkes radio telescope is running a series of free activities throughout January.

Parkes, NSW (Parkes radio telescope)

Star of the film ‘The Dish’, the Parkes radio telescope has been at the forefront of astronomy for over forty years. It has discovered more than two-thirds of the 1,700 known pulsars.

CSIRO's Mopra radio telescope

Specialising in studying molecules in space.

Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP)

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder telescope, ASKAP, is a next-generation radio telescope being developed by CSIRO.

Signal processing: turning ‘space whispers’ into information

Faster, wider, more often … CSIRO engineers push for Olympic excellence in the signal-processing systems they build for astronomy. CSIRO’s Astronomy and Space Science Division can design and build high-speed signal-processing systems, both digital and analogue, for radio telescopes.

CSIRO and the Square Kilometre Array

CSIRO is engaged in a number of national and international partnerships with industry, science organisations and governments to support Australia's involvement in the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope.

Dr Warwick Wilson: advancing technology for radio astronomy

Dr Warwick Wilson has achieved international recognition for his outstanding contributions to the technology for radio astronomy.

Dual SKA site welcomed by CSIRO

The A$2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array radio telescope will be deployed in Australia-New Zealand, as well as South Africa, the international SKA Organisation in Manchester, UK, announced yesterday.

CSIRO Space Sciences and Technology

Coordinating and supporting CSIRO’s space research, industry engagement and outreach activities.

Reaching for the stars with ultra-precision optics (Podcast 07 Oct 2009)

In this vodcast, we examine the work of CSIRO's Australian Centre for Precision Optics (ACPO) in the development of super-sensitive light reflectors for NASA in the United States. (4:50)

Creating precision optics

You want something impossibly smooth, round or flat? At CSIRO Optics we've been manufacturing with precision for more than fifty years.

Apollo 11 moon landing: celebrating 40 years

The Apollo 11 moon landing was one giant leap in which CSIRO played a significant role.

The dish and the great beyond (Podcast 13 Apr 2010)

In this vodcast we tune in to the universe with a tour of the famous ‘dish’ at CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory.

Secrets of the 'galactic octopus wrestler' (Podcast 12 Dec 2007)

CSIRO’s Dr Naomi McClure-Griffiths has been dubbed the 'galactic octopus wrestler' after discovering a new spiral arm of the Milky Way and in this video podcast, she describes how it feels to uncover the secrets of the Galaxy. (3:10)

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