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Nanosafety: the big picture

Nanosafety: the big picture.

Biomedical Materials and Devices

Our Biomedical Materials and Devices research develops and evaluates new materials and devices for tissue repair, replacement and regeneration.

Infrastructure Technologies

CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies provides an extensive range of independent testing, assessment and consulting services to support the development of better building products and systems.

Shaping our future

We're helping to shape the national conversation about Australia's future manufacturing industries.

Latest news

Read the latest news from the Future Manufacturing Flagship, including research findings, announcements and the work we do with Australian industry and communities.

Australian Biotech Growth Partnerships

CSIRO's Australian Biotech Growth Partnerships supports the growth of the biotechnology industry and is currently working with over 50 companies.

Titanium Challenge

Want titanium for your cranium? Each year, the CSIRO Titanium Challenge calls on university students to learn about what a totally awesome material titanium is - and to show us what we could do with it!

Titanium Technologies

The Future Manufacturing Flagship is taking titanium technologies from ore to more, building on Australia's world ranking reserves of ore, with our portfolio of advanced metal production and fabrication technologies.

Proposed Factories of the Future Innovation Centre

The proposed Factories of the Future Innovation Centre will give companies unprecedented access to state of the art technologies, drive innovation, and reduce the risks and costs of adopting new technologies.

Holly’s Christmas wish comes true: Horse takes first step in 3D printed ‘horse-thotics’

Horse vets and CSIRO scientists have given a surprise Christmas gift to ten year old mare, Holly, who suffers from a chronic foot disease.

Manufacturing Solutions

Helping industry and business overcome manufacturing challenges with smarter, cleaner and more efficient technologies.

Industries and solutions

CSIRO's Future Manufacturing Flagship is a global research provider with in depth expertise and the capabilities required to assemble strong multi-disciplinary teams that can tackle complex client challenges with innovative science and technology solutions.

Process magazine

The October 2010 issue of Process demonstrates how applying CSIRO expertise to a wide range of projects in the minerals sector will help to create wealth for Australia. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The February 2011 issue of Process highlights a number of projects where CSIRO’s expertise is being applied to increase the economic and environmental viability of mineral processes. (12 pages)

Flagship postgraduate scholarships

National Research Flagships offer full and top-up Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships to high quality students who wish to work on a Flagship research project.

Flexible Electronics

We develop new materials and manufacturing processes for the Organic and Large Area Electronics industry (OLAE). Our fully-integrated facilities provide end-to-end capability, allowing us to design new materials, test them in devices and produce prototypes and demonstrators for clients and partners.

3D printed horseshoe to improve racing performance

CSIRO scientists have custom made and 3D printed a set of titanium shoes for one Melbourne race horse in a first for the sport.

ReMoTe: Wearable technology to support the delivery and operation of services

Maintenance workers in remote locations now have access to a virtual pair of expert eyes and hands to guide them through difficult tasks thanks to smart technology built into their helmets.

Dr Megan Fisher: Executive Manager – IP and Licensing (MMM Group)

Dr Megan Fisher, Executive Manager – IP and Licensing (MMM Group), has tertiary qualifications in science and business and an outstanding track record in strategic management, business development and technology commercialisation.

CSIRO helps build Australia’s quietest hospital

A team of CSIRO scientists have carried out sophisticated acoustic studies, in a quest to help create the quietest hospital in Australia.

3D printing for rapid product design

Fast turnaround using 3D printing speeds the product design process and makes it easy to incorporate changes to designs.

Agile Manufacturing Technologies

We develop advanced agile technologies which leverage digital and information sciences to lift manufacturing productivity and competitiveness.

Additive Manufacturing

CSIRO is leading development in additive manufacturing and machining technologies for premium materials such as titanium.

Future Manufacturing National Research Flagship: manufacturing a cleaner future

CSIRO's Future Manufacturing Flagship aims to lead the development of cleaner advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to enable manufacturing companies to grow Australia's future productivity and prosperity.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are an emerging display technology that delivers high contrast, high colour purity and highly efficient screens and lights.

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