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Bauxite residue database

CSIRO's Bauxite Residue and Disposal Database (BRaDD) enables online users to identify current practices worldwide in bauxite residue processing and storage, and evaluate options for sustainable re-use of residue.

Dr Christian Doblin

Dr Christian Doblin is an engineer working to scale up CSIRO's titanium metal production process, TiRO™, to demonstration plant status.

Nucleonics - nuclear science for industry

CSIRO researchers are developing new ways of using radiation to solve challenging measurement and imaging problems.

Reducing the effects of organic impurities in the Bayer process

Organic compounds created during bauxite refining can impair the effectiveness of the process and create potential safety hazards. CSIRO is investigating ways to overcome this

Continuous online monitoring of particle size to improve alumina production

We are developing a way to monitor the particle size in Bayer liquors that will increase the operational efficiency of alumina refineries. It is estimated that such a development could be worth A$10 million per year to the Australian alumina industry

Metals and ceramics design and processing

CSIRO researchers are developing novel materials and cost-effective production processes to meet the needs of industry.

Precious and base metals hydrometallurgy

CSIRO is working closely with research partners and the Australian minerals industry to maximise the returns from mineral resources derived using hydrometallurgical processes while reducing the environmental impact of these processes.

Online analysis and control

CSIRO Process Science and Engineering works closely with industry to develop online tools and techniques that provide improved measurement and control of processes.

Mineral processing and agglomeration

CSIRO's research in mineral processing is helping operators improve their profitability and environmental performance. CSIRO's research in mineral processing is helping operators improve their profitability and environmental performance.

Materials characterisation for the minerals and related process industries

Our characterisation team combines industry-leading expertise with today’s most sophisticated technology and techniques to explore the physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of a wide range of materials and ore types.

Hydrometallurgy alumina

CSIRO works closely with its research partners and industry to ensure Australia's alumina industry remains competitive.

High temperature processing

CSIRO is working with industry to increase recovery rates, improve the handling of valuable metals and enhance operational practices.

Metal production

Working to sustain the viability of Australia’s carbon steel raw materials, the iron ore to steel value chain, the base and light metals industries and e-waste processing


Improving the performance and environmental impact of mineral processing operations

Developing Australia's rare earths industry

We’re supporting the development of Australia’s rare earths industry through research that addresses exploration, mining, processing, lifecycle analysis, recycling strategies and industrial uses.

Minerals Down Under Flagship locations

We conduct minerals research at eight main sites across Australia.

Dry granulation: a sustainable process for full value recovery

Our novel dry method for slag granulation could help the cement, iron and steel industries develop sustainable practices and derive value from waste.

Sustainable and cost effective gold recovery

We are helping the gold industry reduce the risks and environmental impact of current processing operations through developing less-toxic alternatives to cyanide.

Improved nickel laterite processing

A new method of extracting nickel from Australia’s low-grade laterite reserves could make millions of tonnes of untapped nickel laterites economically viable.

Bauxite and alumina processing

We are working with the alumina industry to develop smarter processing techniques for lower-grade, complex ores.

A$15 m Centre to enhance hydrometallurgy research

In a move that will advance key research in hydrometallurgy, CSIRO is investing A$15 million to create a new centre of excellence at its Waterford site in Western Australia.

Lasers lead way to efficiency gains in aluminium production

CSIRO researchers are using laser flash techniques to characterise the thermal properties of promising new cell linings for use in aluminium production.

Dr Matthew Jeffrey: extracting precious metals from complex ores

Dr Matthew Jeffrey leads research into extracting precious metals from complex ores. He focuses on improving the current cyanidation process for recovering gold from ores, and developing alternative technologies for the gold industry.

Dr Ralph Holmes: setting the standard for iron ore processing

Dr Ralph Holmes is an internationally recognised authority on mineral sampling, and leads CSIRO’s iron ore processing research.

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