Do-it-yourself science

Try your hand at classic science experiments and activities that you can do at home using everyday items.

  • Safety for DIY science activities

    CSIRO takes safety seriously in all of our activities. While we ensure all activities and demonstrations are as safe as possible, there are some precautions which all young scientists need to keep in mind.

  • Biology activities

    Inside you, inside a shell or inside a forest - explore the insides of life with biology activities.

  • Chemistry activities

    Explosions, slime and forensic science – what's not to love about chemistry?

  • Earth and space science activities

    Underfoot or overhead? Get hands-on with the world and beyond.

  • Maths activities

    Hands-on maths activities add up to sum fun – no calculators required.

  • Physics activities

    Balloons, rockets and rainbows make hands-on physics fantastic.


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