A key to success for Australia’s manufacturing industry is differentiation through innovation. Textor Technologies partnered with us to develop a superior product that is now being supplied around the world.

The challenge

A competitive textile industry

Australian manufacturing constantly faces pressure from increasing production costs and mounting global competition. To increase market share our businesses need to grow through competitive advantage, and improved profitability. Entering and expanding into international markets is vital for the longevity of Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Rolls of moisture-trapping fabric at Textor Technologies.

Textor Technologies, a Victorian family-owned company, produces an array of textiles used in health care, personal hygiene and industrial products.

The competitive advantage in this industry comes from material with advanced fluid absorption. Textor’s goal was to enter the international market by differentiating their products through innovation.

Our response

Innovative textiles

CSIRO and Textor partnered to develop the highly absorbent material. The partnership resulted in a novel threedimensional moisture-trapping fabric that is significantly more absorbentand comfortable, and can be efficiently produced in large quantities.

The new material is being incorporated into the millions of nappies produced in Sydney, the USA, and Russia by global company Kimberly-Clark.

CSIRO provided access to world-class expertise and research facilities, accelerating product development and innovation.

The results

Competitive advantage for an Australian business

The engagement

Through the Australian Government’s Research in Business program (managed by our SME Engagement Centre), we were able to place a materials scientist directly into the business to work in collaboration with Textor.

We worked on site with Textor for a number of years helping to develop new and unique manufacturing technologies and processes focused on improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

The impact

Our partnership with Textor resulted in improved manufacturing processes and efficiency, in turn increasing annual gross turnover and profitability. Textor now manufactures moisture-trapping fabric, making them a key supplier to the global market.

There has also been increased investment in Textor’s manufacturing plant and equipment to support expansion into international export markets, including the Asia-Pacific, Russia and the United States. The growing export activity contributes to the improved sustainability of the Australian manufacturing sector.

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